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kbar50June 17, 2006

I live in south Ms. My lawn consist of 3 acres; some behia grass, some bermuda and some sections of centipede sod 1-4 yrs. old. when is the best time to fertlize. i have a tractor mounted 3 point hitch fertlize spreader, what is the pounds per acre and what type ie 13-13-13 0-0-20

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The best time to fertilize is during the summer (June - September). Go with 40 lbs N/Acre. If you use 13-13-13, this would be around 300 lbs product/Acre.

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Billl(z7 nc)

Yikes - That may be OK for bermuda, but don't put that much 13-13-13 on any areas with centipede unless you want to kill them. Centipede is nutrient sensitive and reacts poorly to any fertilizer with a high middle number like 13-13-13. You should look for something more like 20-0-20. Additionally, most people recommend no more than 1 lb of nitrogen per YEAR - not per application - for centipede. The nitrogen won't kill the centipede, but the grass doesn't need more than that and the extra just encourages weeds.

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