I have an armadillo

dahlia_newbie(9)July 5, 2008

I live in the gulf coast area of Texas. I have a BEAUTIFUL St. Augustine lawn, it looks great this year. But I have a little problem with an armadillo. They're sacred in this state, but boy do they tear up a lawn, and flowerbeds...how can I discourage them from hanging out in my yard? Does their presence mean that I have a grub problem or something similar?

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Dear Newbie,

Thank you very much for your inquiry. I do not have much experience with Armadillos, but what I know is that stick piles are great habitats, so get rid of these. They have a wide diet, so it does not mean grubs. The live trap is the best way to get them out of the lawn. You may need to check with local authorities. The bait of choice is overripe fruit.

Again, thanks for the question and let me know if you have more.


Trey Rogers, The Briggs & Stratton Yard Doctor, YardDoctor.com

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dallasbill(z8a - Dallas, TX)

My experience with armadillos in Dallas is they ARE looking for grubs when they invade a residential yard. As soon as we started doing nematodes last fall and this spring, our problems dropped by 9/10 and we only see it occasionally now.

Trapping a live armadillo is like hearding cats. I have caught 4 opossums, but the 'dillo still taunts us!

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Thanks all for the ideas and advice. I'd read about the nematodes somewhere, but couldn't find anyone who'd actually used them. I'll give that a try, and call the county to see if they can grab the critter for me.

If all else fails, I may be forced to investigate more clandestine remedies. I seem to recall an incident from my childhood involving my father, a revolver, a lawn chair, some lone star beer and an all-night mission for revenge against a marauding dillo...I've said too much already.

Here, dillo, dillo, dillo.

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I have an armadillo destroying my lawn and flowerbeds.
It has dug under my front steps and has burrowed under my house. I have treated the yard with diaz. granules and sprayed Malathone around the perimitor of my house. I have a Lab that the armadillo is driving her crazy like me.
I have left her out at night to try and chase the sucker away but I think he has taken up residency now.

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they are grotesquely overpopulated in my area of west tennessee and have NO NATURAL PREDATORS that makes it a nature conservation issue. we see them littering the highways and that really bothers me. now hunting them and using their meat and hides does not, under the circumstances. so far i am the only one doing it but i have made it my personal mission to hunt them here in my little town of hornsby. this animal is native to central america and yet has managed to spread all the way to ONTARIO! in summation, population control down in texas, new mexico and other such areas where it SHOULD naturally occur means population control out here where they become a REAL menace. by the way, i suggest something a bit larger than a .22 unless you are REALLY good at head shots (hard to pull off on an animal that is 90% armor unless belly up) or just spot light them, get up close, flip them and spear them (my prefered method when hunting near roads or houses, with permission from neighbors. the meat tastes like pork and makes great bbq and the shell makes a lovely basket!~

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