New Lawn After Disruption

rucnmomJuly 10, 2008

We completed an addition to our home last year. The construction process and the installation of a new leach field caused major disruption.

We are now getting around to reinstalling our lawn. Succession is not just an abstract concept in an ecology text!

I guess I'll be hiring someone to spray the vegetation. What sort of herbicide should be used considering that we want to seed the lawn soon after? Is there anything else we should be considering?


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Dear Mom,

Thank you very much for your inquiry. The easiest and most efficient herbicide for you to utilize is glyphosate (Roundup). Shoot for a seeding date of August 15-20, so apply the herbicide August 1-5. Smooth the ground and slope it away from the house for water movement. This may be the most important thing you do as water is king and to redo a slope or area that is already grass is not fun.

If you need to add 2-3 inches of topsoil, make sure of the source and try to check it out beforehand. Add a starter fertilizer at time of seeding and then again 30 days after seeding.

There are some good websites to check for more information.

Again, thanks for the question and let me know if you have more.


Trey Rogers, The Briggs & Stratton Yard Doctor,

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