Wilting in Sun mean anything?

growneatJuly 21, 2011

I have several different varieties of tomatoes growing in the same garden with the same soil and same amount of watering. Some are wilting in the heat and some are not. Does this imply that the nonwilters have a better root system than those that are wilting? They are all recovered by the AM.

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it could be alot of things. variety, size, shading, the lay of the land, root structure. etc.

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Yes, it means they are transpiring faster than they are able to take in water through their roots. Could be alot of things, but it may be just too hot right now.

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Fred_in_Maine(Southern Maine)

Growneat, the same thing is happening in my zone 5b southern Maine garden. The only explanation seems to be difference in root depth. Like yours, my plants have recovered in the morning so I've not been overly concerned. However, this blazing heat wave has required 2 waterings in the last 4 days. I normally deep water only once a week to encourage deep roots.

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