Lawn Problem-Brown/dead? Spots

billy3w3July 7, 2008

Hi, this is my first post so let me know if there is anything else you need to know to help me out. I have a cool season grass that I water everyother day for about 20 min each station. I'm on about 8,000sq ft. The lawn had looked fine up until a few weeks ago. It has been upper 90's for about 3 weeks. I have not aerated this year or de-thatched I applied some fertilizer at the beginning of the spring. Today I dug up 1sq ft to see what was going on underneath, there were no grubs and the soil was still moist. Any advice or opinions would be appreciated. These are the main areas around my yard. Should I be applying a fertilizer now?

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Dear Billy,

Thank you very much for your inquiry. I have finally been able to see your pictures (my issue, not yours). This issue is a little puzzling considering your area and climate. My very first thought in these types of situations is irrigation coverage, meaning are all areas receiving equal amounts of water. You can be getting water, but is it enough? Please check the distribution and spray patterns of the heads around the affected areas, sometimes they will tell a story. Also, watch the same things in the best areas of your lawn and look for any differences.

A 0.5 lb N/1000 ft2 of urea based fertilizer would be appropriate now, and then make another application in early September.

Again, thanks for the question and let me know if you have more.


Trey Rogers, The Briggs & Stratton Yard Doctor,

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all summer its been very hot over 40 days of 90+. these areas of dead grass have been attracting our local squirrels. They pick up the loose dead grass and dig holes in the area also. I rake the area and the dead grass just peals up showing the clear dirt. I have used a 3 prong rake to dig up the exposed soil and not found any grubs. I don't know what is going on here. These areas are spotted around the lawn.

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