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cajungardener1(WA)November 25, 2005

Not long ago the local paper published my close up photograph of my Venus Flytrap. I placed the trap that enclosed a fly in front of a 5 million cw light and the result was to be able to see the fly inside the trap, sort of like an xray. If I could photograph for a living it would be phenomenal. My ideal job would be to photograph gardens and aircraft. What an unlikely pair of subjects.

Would love to share ideas on how to accomplish with others with similar (at least the garden part) aspirations.

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Why don't you make a website and share your photos there.

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I have a personal site but am thinking about closing it. In the 3 months I have had it online I never received an email from any viewer to my email address on the site. Or maybe no one took the time to write. Maybe I am too impatient and it takes months or years to be 'discovered'.

I appreciate your input. Maybe I will reconsider and revitalize the site.

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