How do I get Burmuda grass out of my Marathon grass lawn?

brownthumb33July 6, 2008

We live in the Los Angeles area and had Marathon grass sod put in about 9 years ago. Last year I noticed Burmuda grass growing in a corner of the back yard. Is there anything I can do to get rid of it? Will it eventually take over the yard? We also have lots of crabgrass growing and I wonder if I use crab grass killer to spray on it, if this will also brown out or kill the marathon grass around it? Thanks!

PS. A neighbor told me that if we a gardner, that the grass and weeds from the other people's yards that they mow, gets 'seeded' into out yard from their mower. Is that right?

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Dear BT33

Thank you very much for your inquiry. I suggest you buy a product called Acclaim extra (fenoxaprop-ethyl). It will take out crabgrass easily, and with repeat applications 2-3 weeks apart will knockout the bermudagrass. You will need to go to a turf specialty/supply store (like Lesco) to get this product, I believe.

Seeds and stems do travel via vehicles and water. There is little to do to prevent it. It has been happening in nature since the beginning.

Again, thanks for the question and let me know if you have more.


Trey Rogers, The Briggs & Stratton Yard Doctor,

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I had a marathon lawn sodded about one year ago....crab grass is beginning to take over....can you help me get eliminate this weed without damaging the marathon grass?
Thank you.

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I recently planted Marathon seed in my front yard. The grass came in nicely but a lot of weeds with it. How can I kill the weeds without hurting the grass?

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theres a product i saw at homedepot that was design to kill Burmuda grass and doesnt kill ur other grass. im not sure of the name but it is a purple bottle and it was like 18.95 and u connect to ur waterhose.

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