Virginia Buttonweed

tex_cinSeptember 4, 2006

Thanks to the kind and helpful folks in the "Name that Plant" forum, I've discovered the creeping vine taking over my St. Augustine is Virginia Buttonweed. I've looked on the web and found recommendations for Image, Weed Wacker and Timec as remedies, but I'd like to know what the Yard Doctor thinks and if anyone has any personal experience with any of these products in my area before I start buying pesticides.

Thanks in advance

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Dear Tex Cin,

Thank you very much for your inquiry. Virginia Buttonweed may be one of the most difficult weeds to eradicate in lawns. You will need multiple applications. I would try Trimec, or Trimec mixed with Drive (you will have to buy the Drive separate, but it is worth the effort), or finally a relative new product Q4. Q4 has drive already mixed in with 2,4 D and dicamba and quick burn down product, sulfentrazone.

Again, thanks for the question and let me know if you have more.


Trey Rogers
The Yard Doctor

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I am also tired of pulling this headache causing weed. Where can I find the Q4. I have centipede grass. What is the safest way to apply Q4 without hurting the lawn?


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This is a current problem and prevention question.

I just returned from Iraq 18 months ago and built a new home. The front and side yards were sodded with centipede. I chose to sow/grow the backyard with my own hands (no power tools - all hand and back) fun work/fun project to take my mind off of things.

In the last two weeks, Virginia Buttonweed is popping up all over my front and side yards (pre-sodded) however, none in the back where I planted. (yet)

My Questions:
1) What is the best way to kill/control VA Buttonweed in the sodded portions.
2) Is there a preemptive strike I can do in the back yard to prevent infiltration (without damaging my centipede) or do I have to wait until it rears it's ugly leaves?

I'm a 21yr US Marine vet - I've been on the ground and "green" all my life, but I'm new at the greenthumb, but an thoroughly enjoying the challenge. There is a battle here none-the-less that I need more intel on how to fight it.

Thanks and Semper Fi,

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Where do I look for Q4

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I live in SC. I need to know how to kill buttonweed in centipede grass. Could I use Q4. How much do I use and where do I purchase it? Herbert Mims

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Where do you purchase Q 4 or Trimec, I see where this question has been ask before but there has been no reply

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Hey guys I just wanted to put my 2 cents in! Q4 is just a brand name. The active ingrediants in Q4 if I'm not mistaken are 2-4-D and Dicamba which are common chemicals you can find anywhere and aren't real expensive in comparison to other chemicals unless you buy them premixed which is where the product Q4 came from! Way more expensive! Dicamba and 2-4-D are safe on most common grasses like centipede or St.Aug but be careful spraying in the heat of the summer or during a dry spell! And make sure you use the rate the label tells you to! When it comes to chemicals more is not better because you will burn your grass! I saw a recomendation for drive but I would not use that on centipede or St.Aug! Thanks for reading! Hope it helps!

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I live in South MS and this Virginia Buttonweed is taking over my yard which is St.Augustine. All the products I have looked at which is good for buttonweed indicates they are not registered for use on St. Augustine and not to use. The best products appear to be Confront, Escalade 2, Millenium Ultra, Momentum, and Monument and they all are not to be used on St. Augustine. HELP!!! What is the best product to use to get rid of Virgina Buttonweed in a St. Augustine lawn in South Mississippi?

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Buttonweed is a monster! If the weed has formed a thick mat, try a wick applicatior with Round Up. As the weather begins to cool, you could also try Speedzone Southern at a lower rate with two applications. Celsius is a fairly new product that is labeled for button weed control in St. Augustine. Even though it is 'safe' for SA, I have seen damage using the high rate on turf that was under drought stress.

Do not use Q4 or Q4 Plus. The Yard Doctor may not have seen that your lawn was St. Aug. These products contain quinclorac, which will severely damage SA.

Whatever you use, try to spot spray directly onto the buttton weed. This will reduce any damage to you St. Aug

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can planting rye grass along with lime kill virginia buttonweed

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We are having a problem with Buttonweed and the local nursery told us to use a product called "Weed Free Zone". It is safe on your grass and kills the buttonwee.

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