Want to Help with the FAQs for this Forum?

Arbor(z8/Oregon)November 13, 2003

Hi, I'm Arbor (Jen) and I've volunteered to help ready the FAQs for the Garden Writers Forum.

I'm reviewing what's already here, and would like your input on additional topics and questions that would be helpful for new visitors.

What are some questions that should be addressed here? What other information should be included?

Spike, thanks for letting me help out, it forces me to show up for my own writing.


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mom6nan(5b Montreal)

Now let's see. What kind of facts would a writer need to know about writing?

Know your market and the specific mags you want to write for

Get writers' guidelines for each mag.

Do great research--grow those difficult plants

Write with a friendly approach.

How's that for a starter?

Nancy in Montreal
horticultural writer

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Thanks Nancy!

It hadn't occurred to me that new folks who visit this forum might be new to writing itself, as well as unfamiliar with this genre. So part of the FAQs might review the mechanics of good writing.

How is garden writing different from other types of non-fiction writing?

"Write with a friendly approach" is excellent. Writer, know thy reader.


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infullbloom(6 TN)

Here are a few considerations:

Mistakes beginners make
Choosing a book publisher
How to effectively approach publishers
How to create irresistable query letters
Book proposals
Manuscript preparation
Proper mailing procedures
Finding and working with agents
Overcoming editors' built-in resistance to new writers
How to present yourself as a professional

Hope this helps.

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Infullbloom - great topics. Now we just need a few people to jump in and help.

What about starting a thread on a topic and see how many suggestions and responses we get? That way everyone could contribute to the process.

We could concentrate on a different topic every week or two (depending upon activity)


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John_D(USDA 8b WA)

What ever happened to FAQ? Did it die on the vine?

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Hey John, thanks for the kick...nope, I'm writing them now actually and will post for opinions soon.


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John_D(USDA 8b WA)

Thanks for doing all that work!

It looks like you moved from CA to OR. How do you like it?

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