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bobbobnjSeptember 2, 2006

I have a section of lawn newly seeded last fall. Grass came in ok and I overseeded in the spring. I used no weedkiller as I was trying to go mostly organic. Well, my lawn is now about 70% weeds including lots of clover. I do have old fertilizer with weedkiller, turfbuilder plus or something, that's been in my garage for a couple of years. I might as well use it instead of throwing it away. And before it exlodes. Can I use it now and seed again in a few weeks, or seed now and use it in the spring, or throw it away?

I've seeded with sun and shade and kentucky bluegrass. It's a very sunny spot all day.

I can grown anything and everything but grass.

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Dear Bobbob,

Thanks for your inquiry. Now is a perfect time to establish grass. My advice is to seed the lawn and then go in with your Turfbuilder II on the same day. After two weeks, check the lawn again and then reseed any bare areas (seed is the cheapest part of this operation as you have figured out by now.) If you have more weeds in mid-October, apply a chemical like Trimec and control the remaining weeds. I would strongly suggest another round of fertilizer at this time. Mow the turf when it gets to 3 inches and begin to mow regularly. This will help with weed control. By next spring if you are mowing and fertilizing on a regular schedule your ability to control weeds with organic products or by hand will increase greatly. If there is high weed pressure and summer conditions, grass establishment without weed control can be very challenging.

Again, thanks for the question and let me know if you have more.


Trey Rogers
The Yard Doctor

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Thanks for the response.

I just want to make sure. I can seed and use a fertilizer/weedkiller the same day?


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With the chemical you are talking about, you can fee, weed, and then seed all in the same day.

Trey Rogers

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I moved into my house just over 2 years ago. The house was vacant for a year before that, so my husband and I have had a hard time with the lawn since day one. We have St. Augustine grass, and its mostly dead. The only thing that grows is weeds, and even after I spray for weeds they come back in less then a month. Is there something else we should do? Apparently there are no seeds for this type of grass so we cant put seeds out either. Is there anything we can do? or is re-sodding our best option?

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