When to apply grub control?

mad_about_mickey(**7* *N.C.)September 7, 2006

I would like info on when to apply grub-ex or Bayer to our lawn for the control of Japanese beetles. Should milky spore be put down at a different time of year? Any help would be appreciated. ThanX ! !

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Dear MAM,

Thank you very much for your inquiry. Grub ex is very effective against Japanese Beetle (JB) grubs as they hatch fro the egg in mid-to late- summer and not very effective at all against the grub any larger than this stage and should not be used. Use dylox instead. Grub-ex should be put down in late June early July before JB eggs hatch and you will then achieve the proclaimed SEASON LONG CONTROL.

Milky spore can work on JB, but it take 3-5 years for the organism to build up a high enough population in the soil and several applications must be made over this time. Once the population is high enough this product works well. You can start treatments this fall with no issues, but you will not see effects for about three years, so keep the dylox and grub-ex handy.

Again, thanks for the question and let me know if you have more.


Trey Rogers
The Yard Doctor

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I have a very bad problem with moles. Will getting rid of grubs help get rid of the moles ?

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I don't profess to be an expert (far from). However, I can tell you that after our dog passed last summer, moles decided to take over the yard. Only reason I mention that is because we never had a problem in the past and I thought people were nuts that spent money on grubex and the like.

Anyway, in about a few weeks our lawn/roots started to get eaten to shreds (tracks going every which way). I put down Grubex and the moles disappeared. Intend to apply it again this year with hopefully the same results. Happened to come across this thread looking for advice on when to apply and will follow the yarddoctors instructions above.


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Hi, Is it okay to apply grub control when it is raining out. Also what kind of grub control should I use now. I just put sod down about 3 weeks ago and I know that there is some grubs I killed some already. I am very confused about this subject please help. Thank you. Julie

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I finally got a lawn back after 4 yrs of fighting grubs. When is the best time to put down grub control products? I live in the Boston MA area.

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I live in the Chicago area. I have 2 questions - can I put down grass seed and/or fertilizer before I use a grub control product? When is the best time to put it down - can I put it down in April and is that good enough for the whole season?

Thanks for any insight you can give me!

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when apply grubex in chicago area

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i just put down new sod, should i feed the grass with any fertilizer or grub control before i start getting grubs or the grass starts getting weeds

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Hello, due to the warmer weather in the Northeast (MA), can I apply the grub ex now or should I still wait until June? We seem to have lots of moles this year and I look forward to them moving away! Thanks for any advice you can provide.

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When visiting the cemetary plot of our parents we found that the grubs had destroyed all of the grass and it was just a mound of weeds. I pulled the weeds out and want to feed it now with grubex and then plant new grasseed in the Fall. I live in NH. If I apply the grubex now should I do it just before it rains or during a dry period? Do you think this will destroy any grubs that might still be in the ground and will it be safe to plant new grass in the Fall? Thanks for your help. Charlie

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have used a "prevent" grub control b4 from a commercial supplier but recently switched to the Scott's product. In this region, S/E PA, when should i apply grub-x, i think a heavy rain is important after application? Finally, is there a difference in grub prevention vs grub control? if so, define what Scott product i should use, Thx for your time.

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When to apply grub control? I am in North of Pittsburgh, PA.

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I live in Shelbyville KY 40065---And the moles just take us out Is it too late to use Grub X? The moles are already in both yards and in the field behind our house. Grub-X always works---------

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I live in Maryland I have moles and would like to know what to apply to the lawn and when.

Thank You

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After applying Scott's grubex my lawn is dying in patches.we get plenty of water.What can I do.Nick B

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