laurielilacSeptember 2, 2006

Can you please reassure me that Roundup and pre-emergence weed killers will not harm earthworms? Thank you. Laurie

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Dear Laurie,

Thank you very much for your inquiry. I do not feel you need to worry about the earthworm population in terms of preemergent herbicides used to prevent summer annual weeds or glyphosate (Roundup). If you think about the glyphosate, unless you are killing the whole yard, you are only spot treating and at best only affecting a very small portion of the soil to begin with. I have never seen any evidence that preemergence herbicides have a negative effect on earthworm activity.

Again, thanks for the question and let me know if you have more.


Trey Rogers

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Thank you. I feel much better about seeing this in black and white. Laurie

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