Dutch White Clover -- 100% or Overseed?

joe_blowe(So Cal (10))September 2, 2006

I've already purchased inoculated Dutch White Clover seed and am waiting for the weather in my area to cool down just a bit more.

At first, I was thinking of just overseeding my current mish-mash of a lawn. But recently I've been leaning towards killing off the current lawn and planting a 100% clover lawn.

Any reason to go either way? If I just stick to my original plan of overseeding, will it eventually crowd out the undesirable grasses and weeds?

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Dear Joe,

Thank you very much for your inquiry. White clover (or any species of plant for that matter) can be introduced into your lawn. The key is to not favor the existing lawn with inputs (water fertilizer etc) that favor the existing lawn over the new seed.

White clover can be established into an existing lawn in the fall, and it is the second best time of year. The best time is very early spring when the grass is growing at its very least. Resist all temptation to fertilize the lawn after overseeding as this will favor only the existing grasses. You will need a little water, but use it very sparingly the first 2 weeks after planting.

If you decide to kill existing vegetation and apply the clover over the whole yard, it will not be necessarily a bad thing, but you will need mix the seed with sand or Milorganite fertilizer as a carrier to help spread the seed evenly.

Again, thanks for the question and let me know if you have more.


Trey Rogers
The Yard Doctor

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I'm getting ready to plant a bunch of white clover, I read so many good things about it and I have multiple dogs and do not want to have chemicals on the lawn
Can you confirm that Clover helps w/Grub control... they have killed the lawn and I think the clover they do not like.

Thanks, Gail

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My lawn consists of grass with some volunteer patches of white clover. I plan to over seed it with Dutch White Clover in the early spring as you suggest, using a rotary spreader. How is the best way to get the seed into the ground? I suspect it involves raking but am at a loss to know the right technique; what type rake, rake before sowing, rake after sowing or both?

Julius Harwood

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From what I've read, this is the best way to overseed your lawn (with grass OR clover, though grass seeds need a little bit of dirt on top of them. Clover shouldn't need that):

1) Mow the lawn on the lowest setting
2) take a metal rake and remove thatch from the lawn (this should expose the soil for the seeds)
3) you can put down some compost or peat moss right now, if you like. Spread it thinly with a rake.
4) Spread clover seeds
5) water daily until seeds are established, and then you can cut back on water.

Clover tends to form clumps, so you may need to seed a few areas again before you get a uniformly even lawn. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Establishing Clover in a Lawn

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I have a second home on a ridge line about 3500 feet in western north carolina. The top soil is in very poor condition and I cannot provide much care to the yard. Is dutch white clover a good option as compared to fescue which I have now?

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