Tomato Leaves Yellow & Spotty - What is it?

pamelazzzzzJuly 13, 2012

Hi all,

This year our tomato plants have been doing great and have been producing bowls of fresh and yummy tomatoes! They're so tall that we had to stack 2 cages on top of each other! But like it happened last year, July hits and they seem to get some type of disease that turns the leaves yellow. It starts down bottom and works its way up.

A little searching seems to lead us to believe it may be spider mites. The leaves become yellow and spotty with what almost seems like a dust and there are even miniature spider webs between the curves of some of the leaves.

Last year it pretty much annihilated our plants and even though they tried to come back by making new green after the devastation was over it was too little too late.

Any thoughts to what it may be / how to combat it.

See attached image to see some leaves of the cherry tomato plants.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Major case of mites!

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Yeah, we're thinking it's spider mites. Any suggestions on how to get rid of them besides the usual spraying down with water and/or soap?

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