Artist's Pride or Folly?

big_john(z6b LI NY)November 5, 2003

Echinacea Orangbrite Artist's Pride

After the hoopla dies down in a year or so I will look for the new and improved model.

Will this beast become the next Stella D'oro?

What about Razzmatazz and Doppleganger, will they be relegated to old maid status in a few years?

Where do these new magnificents fit into the scheme of things?

More importantly, why are there four blades on disposable razors?

I haven't made it past one I missing out?


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The naming of "new" plants appears to be a method of marketing based on people wanting to have the latest and greatest. In some cases there is a minute difference but not a real significant improvement. It makes it harder on everyone to keep up with plant names in this endless stream of cultivars. There is a five-blade razor in the works.

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I believe the razor is for splitting hairs john, or if you need any further information look at the four items on the sidebar; now a barbers pole would make an interesting addition to any garden tatefully placed amongst your gazing balls.

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big_john(z6b LI NY)

Did you put those there?

When gardeners have limited space, how do they decide
on which cultivars to keep and which new ones to add?
I haven't a garden now, but generally speaking this form
of torture must stop. Just as we do with hard goods at the
nursery, I will initiate the tried and true selective process.
The retail space cannot grow another inch.
The utilitarian plants will be mainstays and the collector
novelty new cultivars will be kept to a small corner.
Let others sort out the mistakes from the winners this year.
Of course, designers and architects need as many
new toys as possible to play with.

BTW anyone grow Hydrangea Endless Summer?
The fact that it blooms on old and new wood makes me happy.
No more pruning errors or complaints that the stupid thing won't bloom.
Does it perform well in the garden?
I am hopeless.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

hey bj - you "put" those there when you mentioned disposable razors in your opening slavo. Sometimes it's more amusing to see what ads are generated than to read the actual threads! ;)

My brain is turning to mush from a bad cold, so please forgive me if the following is not a cogent, incisive dissertation.

There is a certain insanity that has seized the industry when it comes to new plants. As far as sales go, no one is going to plant a sweep of E. Razzmatazz but they will plant a sweep of E. Magnus. But the plant geek will want one Razzmatazz in his/her garden "just because." So bring in a little razzmatazz to satisfy the plant geeks, but don't forget to have plenty of the bread and butter.

The other issue is that some of these plants are being bred and multiplied so fast there are unintended consequences cropping up. A non-runnering variety sends out runners after four years in the garden, the zone 4 hardy plant is really an annual, the hot new variety is ruined in tissue culture. Yes folks, they're all true stories. What will be the outcome of Art's Pride when it hits the market? I think there's a 50-50 chance it will take off like a skyrocket - and fizzle just as fast.

Switching gears, I was given a Hydrangea Endless Summer this year to try in my garden. I will admit to being a hydrangea novice, so I'm not too sure what to make of what has happened. We had a freeze at the end of September and the entire plant turned black. Later, I did see some signs of new growth, but I am really concerned about whether this plant will make it through the winter. It was a well-established 5 gallon plant when I put it in.

I've given many perennial gardening seminars, and it never fails that when I take questions someone has to ask what I call The Dreaded Hydrangea Question. Of course, they never know what kind of hydrangea they have, so I couldn't give them a good answer anyway!

Off to battle this cold & fever with more Tylenol.


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