I want to hear your story of your new plant

cheerpeopleDecember 9, 2006

I'm curious to hear from others their stories whether short or long stories. Whether

successful or never got off the ground... of the time you developed/discovered a new plant

and how it did when a company took interest in it.

What chain of events occurred?

What did you learn?

What would you do differently?

How long did the whole process take?

Did you ever go to one of those breeders conferences like the one Proven Winners just held?


I'm sure someone in this group has some stories to share.

Or perhaps you have a blog you'd care to share about it.

It might be helpful to tell us what country you are in as I'm sure legally things might be




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From an ad in the Perennial Plant newsletter I sent an email to:
Blooms of Bressingham NA

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To: grdoerr@bloomsofbressingham.com
Subject: New Plant

I have a 'Stellar Pink' hybrid dogwood and have noticed that one limb is a
"sport" being different from either parent (cornus kousa and cornus florida) The blooms (bracts) are pointed
at the ends same as a cornus kousa but they are a light lime green in color,
not white as a normal kousa. I will watch it closely next year to see if it
maintains this characteristic.

The next year this limb was dead so there was no follow-up. It's not much but that's my limited experience with discovering a new plant. By the way, I was so disappointed with the cultivar 'Stellar Pink' I cut it down.

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