Nov/Dec Petal Pusher's Pictures......

raggedyann161420November 9, 2008

That is quite a tongue twister if I do say so myself. LOL

I thought we could post pictures here. I'm guilty of posting pictures and I know it makes it hard for everyone that has dial up to load. I don't think the graphics make a difference but I'm not for sure. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

So please share all those Halloween pictures that you were going to. I hope we will have many pictures to share over the next two months.



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Annie, I'll get us started with some Kenzie pics.

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OHHH the first one she looks like she is saying 'come on, grandma'
She is just too cute! Such a sweet little face!

Thanks sassy!!!

:) Fran

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Sassy, such great pictures of Kenzi, you really need to check out doing photography, you take fantastic pictures. Well others do to; that is something I always thought I wanted to do but..............

Fran, I loved the pictures you posted on the CB thread.


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Fran...she WAS! She was trying to grab my finger to take me outside! lol She walks around grabbing your finger saying 'lets go lets go' She is a mess and I just love playing with her! Thanks for the compliment Annie, I do have a camera that takes good shots, but it doesn't take them fast so I've been asking all year for a new camera for Christmas. I have to work really hard to get good shots with this camera. With this one, I get a great big smile, I snap, and get her backside, she's on the run! I hate it. Its a great camera but not for taking pics of children who we all know are quicker than lightening!

Looking forward to seeing some of you other girls pics:))


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Here is a link to my kids :) FROM 2 DAYS OLD TILL TODAY


Here is a link that might be useful: MUSCOVY DUCKLINGS

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Susie, such cute pictures of your babies Keep those pictures coming everyone!

I've decided post office before sleep.

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Wow, the ducks really grew! Love the pics, Thanks for sharing them Susie!

Kenzie's really growing quickly! Oh, how I wish they could stay little forever! ;)


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Here is my bus, and although I do think it is a bit uggie, it has a lot of sentimental value

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Annie, I think it is awesome to still have something from that time.
I wish I still had my things from when I was little.
One of my favorite things and yes I was a tom-boy was my little red Ertl Farm Tractor set, my tractor was just like my uncle's (which was really why I wanted it I think) and I would play 'farming' for cousin, Chris had all the neat boy toys and I had no one to play with so when I was able to play with him and his cars and trucks and stuff I would. So that is where the tom-boy came from.
It was more fun playing in the dirt then playing with 'barbie' type toys. Not that I didn't have my little baby dolls that drank from a bottle and wet but I still liked playing it the dirt!

Anyway, I miss that little tractor and I wish I had kept it. I could have giving it to my kids or future gradnkids if I had, but I didn't.
So, even if the bus was a found treasure, it IS a tresaure to have nonetheless and coming from your nieces makes it more special for you!
Thanks for sharing, I am glad you did!

:) Fran

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You should take it to one of the antique road shows :)
Yes i wish I had a few of the hand made play cupboards, stilts, my easy bake ovens , stuffed tiger that scared the "CRAP" Out of me at 3am when I had to go see if santa had came :)) I was 7yrs old :)

well i need to go put on lunch so have agreat day .

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Theresa24(8b/9a NE FL)

Sassy, Kenzie is an absolute doll and growing like a weed. What a blessing she is.

I agree that childhood keepsakes are very treasured. I have a few but it's funny this was brought up because the other day I had a dream out of nowhere about one of the treasure I didn't keep - Mrs. Beasley! Does anyone remember her?


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Yeap Theresa I sure do! And had forgotten all about her until just now!
:) Fran

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Theresa I should re-call but I don't. Gosh thats aweful, I know I should. (I have this thing thumping me in the head saying YOU Know THIS!) lol Oh well.

Thanks for all to sweet comments on Kenzie and you're all right, she's growing up way to fast.

Ok, a last week I told some of you I had an iris bloom, (may have been the week before) I had to cut it off and bring it inside because when I discovered the bloom that day we were going to have a hard freeze that night, and we did, but here is the pic......from Shirley a couple of years back....Double Agent

I couldn't believe it bloomed the middle of November, I've not seen it bloom before, only thing I can think is our weird weather. But its cold now, so I don't think I'll be seeing anything else for awhile.

Ok, a little reminder from last year, please don't hate me for I can't help it...

Goodnite girls

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Sassy-I must say Kenzie gets cuter by the day. How often do you have her now?

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Sassy-Love your Double Agent Iris...I really like that iris it is a show stopper. Glad you got to see it bloom. I have a peach one almost bloomed out. What a mixed up year for surprises in the garden. You should send some of Kenzie's pictures to Cute Kid. They may publish them.


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