Dig up and replant?

ChicagoDeli37July 24, 2012

My husky cherry red has been struggling between a early girl and a

Roma which are much much bigger.

today I noticed he was not getting any sunlight at all.

so the only choice I had was to try and save em.

Dug em up as deep as I could get down.

But as I pulled out it definitely ripped some deeper roots.

There was green cherry tomatoes on it already.

I planted it near my parsley in full sun.

will it survive? ???

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let us know how well it goes and if I had to guess it will probably bounce back because it doesnt seem like you moved a very large plant. ANother option would be to remove the staking to let the cherry sprawl around on the ground instead of disturbing an established root system on a fruting plant. Reason being my growing season is already more than half over.

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It should be fine if it wasn't out of the ground too long.
John A

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