Needing input from North Texas gardeners

PKponder TX(7b)August 7, 2013

This was posted on Exchanges on the SAPS Topic and I thought I'd copy it over to see if we can help this lady :-)
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Sat, Aug 3, 13 at 19:10

We have two major problems. First one is my oldest is getting married April 11 in denton texas. They hope to close on their house soon and have it all there and as cheap as possible.

My second problem is growing flowers to use in the wedding and as decorations. When I lived up north I could grow a lot of things but can not remember for the life of me when things bloom!! I thought about sending her a bunch of liatris, poppy, and bachelor buttons seeds in the hope they might be blooming. I think freesia comes up early and usually they are pretty cheep in those mail order catalogs. What in earth could I grow here and take up there? I was thinking in pots. I have two smallish ivy indoor plants to use. What what what can I do? What can I grow in a pot here and take in my truck up there that would be blooming? I know I can get some cut flowers if worse comes to worse but every penny counts.

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PKponder TX(7b)

What are the wedding colors? My ajuga is in full bloom in April and it is a gorgeous sea of purple/blue! Very inexpensive and spreads like mad. My iris, purple shamrock, Texas Gold Columbine and amaryllis are all blooming in April. It's typically very green also with trees and plants coming back from winter dormancy. My neighbor always has dephinium and poppies blooming and a nearby friend grows red clover that just shines in April! Tulips may or may not still be blooming at that time, depends on the spring warmth.

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Larkspur and dianthus should be blooming in April.

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I'm unable to help with the first and last part but I can offer a little input on the wedding flower part. I would think that whatever flowering plant is used should have blooms sturdy enough to last throughout the ceremony and reception. What about (the appropriately named) bridal wreath spirea, lantana, gaura or lavender?

Also, attractive leaves and foliage create a beautiful arrangement on their own. You mentioned ivy that's already growing. You could always bring a few of the attractive plants and bunch together their foliage with some flowers to create a textural arrangement with them. Even though I got my wedding flowers at Central Market, it was basically textural with sage leaves, fern fronds and a few others I can't recall with inconspicuous white flowers mixed in like baby's breath and star of david. Then we just wrapped the stems in cream and black satin ribbon.

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If you opt for cut flowers...

When my daughter got married, we went to Travis Wholesale on Josephine St. We bought gobs of Daisies, wedding ribbons and white doves, all in the same store. It's a warehouse type atmosphere but found them to be the cheapest. We had the wedding at Los Patios and the Daisies held up really well all through the night. We had enough for the three tier fountain, bridal table and the patio tables outside.

I believe the OP mentioned that she had a store herself, so she may even get everything wholesale. If not, you still get a good price if you do it all yourself. Of course, their pre-made arrangements are over priced.

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