Fruit Trees

ruthzAugust 3, 2011

How do fruit trees do in this type of weather ?

(DFW area) Over 100's days and over 80's nights.

I'm thinking maybe I should plant a pear and/or peach tree.

Or other suggestions maybe.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Don't know about those, Ruth, but my fig tree was loaded with figs, thought I would have enough to make preserves, and now they are sun dried on the tree. Think I will just remove the net and let the mockingbirds have them. I do know that peaches require a certain number of chilling nights in the winter to produce good peaches. I am definitely not an expert on fruit trees.

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We have a fig tree in a large pot, but no fruit this year.
Critters get the figs when it does have some.
There are apple and pear trees loaded with fruit in my neighborhood. I just don't know if they taste good.
We bought some local apples years ago and didn't like them.
We had a peach tree when we first moved here, but it died the next year.
My neighbor had one a few years and never got any ripe peaches. They seemed to just fall off the tree while they were still small and green.
I know they grow well in the hill country and Parker county.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

There were peach and plum trees in the orchard (now the mini donkeys pasture), but they died during the first really big drought after we moved here in '92. The fruit was very good and they did well for a few years before their demise. There was also a wonderful apple tree up there that produced excellent fruit, but I have no idea which variety it was..........the apples were green and quite large.

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