animals and west nile virus

bedford8a(8a)August 15, 2012

I lived in Atlanta when there was a West Nile epidemic there a few years ago and remember how many of the larger birds disappeared due to the virus. It took a few years until the crow and blue jay numbers returned to normal. I recall newspaper reports of "another blue jay found dead tested positive for West Nile" and such. Have you noticed any dead birds? I am concerned abuot my dogs and there are two fledging hawks on my street that I've watched since they hatched and am worried about them, too.

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I do remember hearing how hard WNV is on corvids (jays, crows, ravens...) not large birds in general, but according to the CDC dogs may not be affected at all, similar to humans, who rarely develop symptoms.

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it hit the blue jays here hard a few years back. We haven`t gotten very many calls about dead birds this year, usually when something is on the news about west nile they always mention birds, then for the next few weeks anyone that find a dead bird seems to call the poison control center.
Tally Ho!

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