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goodground(z6 NJ)July 10, 2011

Since my tomatoes are so late this year, should i just remove all future flowers since i won't have time to ripen them? The plants are still very small with flowers and tiny tomatoes. They are just about to take off now so i'm hoping to at least ripen the ones that have started. Thanks!

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leave them be you will have plenty time to get more harvest then the small number of already set fruit you have now.

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spiced_ham(z5 OH)

For large beefsteak varieties I pinch off any bud trusses that form starting six weeks before my expected frost date. Flowers that are open at that time can ripen fruit and unopened buds on those trusses will ripen if we have an extended season plus provide large green fruit that will ripen indoors after frost.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Since I am right now planting new tomato plants for the fall garden I sure wouldn't recommend pinching off blooms on already producing plants. You still have plenty of time for production and ripening and any greens left on the vine when the first frost is predicted can be ripened indoors in several different ways.


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