An organic choice for killing stink bugs and leaf-footed bugs

chellestar83July 6, 2008

Does anyone have any suggestions???

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jbann23(6 RI)

Hose down your plants and the stink bugs will come to the tops to dry off. That's when you get them. They don't like to be wet.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Yep and then get out the old dustbuster vacuum and suck them up. Works great. No dustbuster? Take a jar of soapy water with a bit of vegetable oil added, hand pick and drop them in it.


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I'd like an organic method too. I might buy a dustbuster, but I thought I'd try sevin spray first (I know it's not organic).

The leaf-footed bugs around here are agressive. I just bought the sevin spray (I actually haven't read the label to be sure it kills leaf footed bugs) so I can hit the individuals without 'powdering' my whole plants, and those things come flying right at me! I swear they are trying to get right in my face. I do some wild contortions trying to get away from those noisy things. I hope the sevin spray kills them. It has only been a few days, so I do not know if I am reducing their numbers any.

Last year I cut the top off an old plastic juice bottle and filed with an inch of soap and water. Went out with an old tooth brush and knocked the stink bugs right in. Never a bit of hassle.

The leaf-footed bugs taunt me.


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I was like you but my fear of killing BEE'S of ANY KIND NOW is pushing me HARD AWAY!!!I cant kill ANY KIND OF BEE now.
And no I didnt care before but we ALL need to care now.
I do aLOT of hand picking and I use a lot of garden safe products.After all I grow so I can eat hEALTHIER TOO!!

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Soapy water and a toothbrush, here I come. I hate those things, they give me the creeps!

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I'm with you on the desire to be as chemical free as possible. My purchase of sevin spray was my first 'chemical' purchase in a few years.

As you read, I use soap and water for the stink bugs, but I am finding the leaf-footed a bit harder to deal with. If they continue to ruin all of my tomatoes, or at least damage them to the point that they are undesireable to me, then at that point I can stop gardening and save all kinds of energy.

If I buy a dustbuster just to deal with the leaf-footed bugs, then I might be doing more environmental harm than just using sevin. A new dustbuster just adds one more battery to our environment.

That is, however, why I bought the sevin spray, so I can spray just the individual bugs, as opposed to dusting the entire plant with sevin dust as I did my first year gardening. A spot treatment I believe is what I am employing. Besides, leaf-footed bugs do not sit on flowers, only tomatoes, so sevin will never be sprayed on the flowers, so hopefully the bees will not contact tje sevin.

I'll take your kind words to heart and keep looking for convenient methods that do not involve needless chemicals. I guess I'll have to work on my method of grabbing them mechanically a bit more.



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lightt(6/7 Northern VA)

What I've been fighting as stink bugs must be something different than what you guys are dealing with because the bugs I have wouldn't even think about allowing themselves to be tooth-brushed into anything!!!! Mine scamper around the tomatoes they're on at ANY movement close to them and immediately drop if I reach around to try and get them back into eye sight.

Can't think of many things that are as unappealing as a tomato that has been "sponged" by a stinkbug!

Terry Light
Oak Hill, Virginia

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