Crape Myrtles and Indian Hawthrone

rach924August 2, 2011

We just moved into our home (north Texas) and we had a Natchez Crape Myrtle planted and 2 Dwarf Myrtles. We had a few Hawthrone's planted also. Our soil is clay and our yard has been being watered 2x's a day during the 30 day period allowed for new yards.

The myrtles are not blooming, though. They seemed to have bloomed slightly at first and then started losing the flowers. On the Myrtle tree, there's some yellowing of the leaves and curling. The Dwarfs look like seeds now. These plants are in full sunlight all day.

The Hawthrone's are not blooming at all, but I'm assuming they take time?

Do the Myrtles need more water since it's been so hot? Or are we just not going to see much in blooming due to when these plants were planted (end of July)? I don't know what else to do for these Myrtles.

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Right now your new pants are getting established.
They're in shock and trying to grow their root systems. Don't expect them look good with that going on and this excessive heat and lack of rain.

Right now most of us are just trying to keep everything alive... forget the growth and blooms, and that's on well established (11 yr old) trees and shrubs.

Come end of Sept everything will look much much better. I promise. :)

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

I have a row of Natchez and other crape myrtles along a fence line. I trickle water them once a week. By that, I mean a fast drip overnight so it can all soak in. Top watering won't get the job done as it does not get down to the roots.

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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

Indian Hawthorne's generally bloom earlier in the year,so you probably shouldn't expect to see any blooms till next year. You do need to deep water them instead of just letting sprinkler system run. Soaker hose or trickle for an hour or so each day until this heat breaks.

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