Transplanting Coral Bells

katherine_mAugust 2, 2010

Having moved to Dallas from Ohio, I'm fairly new to gardening in Texas. Lots of trial and error. I'm not terribly knowledgable, so please bear with me. I have a lovely coral bell that I thought was doing so well in full sun. I trimmed back a large marigold that was evidently protecting it, and now it's looking sad. With the temperatures in the 100's this week, would it be too stressful to move this plant to a partial shade spot now? Or should I protect it as best I can and move it later on itn the fall? Thanks in advance for any comments or tips, I'll truly appreciate it.

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

It's definitely too hot to transplant anything right now so best to protect it. If you have something to shade it like a box or old sheet/curtains use that.

As you are learning, full sun here in Texas is different from Ohio. It's much more intense and stays hotter longer during daylight hours. We generally ignore the "full sun" tag at the nursery unless it is a plant known to prefer full sun.

My Coral Bells are doing well in a pot in full shade. I use containers a lot because of the flexibility to move them in and out of shade and sun locations.

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It seems to me that getting it to a cooler, shadier location would help it more than leaving it in the heat & trying to protect it there.

I my own self would dig it up, disturbing the roots as little as possible, pot it up, & keep it in the shade for the summer.

Whatever you decide, I hope your plant recovers & does well.

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Sylvia has a good point. If it looks like it won't make it where it is then best to dig it up and baby it in the shade.

Dig it up in the evening so it has the best chance.

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Thanks to both of you for your replies. This little plant is starting to get crispy, so I am going to move it this evening to a shady spot. At this point, shading it where it is isn't doing much. I'll pamper it, and hopefully it will recover.

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