Potential issues with Tomatoes...need advice

Nu_2_GardeningJuly 4, 2012

Hello All,

Was going through my plants today and was checking on the progress of my fruit. Found these two guys with something strange on them. It didn't look good and considered blossom end rot initially but in checking a photo resource of known ailments of tomatoes when green, I realized this does not look like blossom End rot. But then again, when I looked further I saw nothing else that looked like this. The holes do not go all the way in so I know it's not a burrowing insect. It's almost as if the tomato was formed this way. I should clarify that the plant this came off of is a pink brandywine. Any input would be great. I am going to be mad with myself if I pulled them and there was nothing wrong. I was just afraid leaving them on would have taken energy from the plant for a soon to be dead tomato.

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You are going to be mad at yourself. Google catfacing.

Let them hang on the vine next time until they break color (start to turn red).

Here is a link that might be useful: catface tomato pics

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Dagnabit! Was so afraid it was something bad and wanted to rid my plant of this pestilence......lol. Oh well......the joys of being new. Thanks!

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If you want to search for catfacing just on this forum, scroll down on this forum. There is a search box that lets you search just this forum. Link to the search results for this forum for catfacing is below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Catfacing results on growing tomatos forum

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When I looked at my tomato again, and turned it in a different angle I can actually see what appears to be a catface......that is unbelieveable. Thanks again

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No problem, I had same questions couple years ago, and my ugly and disfigured Black Krims actually tasted better than normal ones.

But it could be because most of the pretty ones were given out to friends and family :)

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Peaches do the same thing.

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