Early blight or Septoria?

Just1tomatoplantplzJuly 13, 2014

Hello again, all!

Back again...with a NEW tomato problem!

After my most recent post about my celebrity plant (with the curling leaves) I decided to move it away from my other plants and prune the bottom leaves (which are growing in again btw).

At this moment in time, the plant seems to be doing ok (curly leaves and all).

Now, on to another plant...

My yellow cherry tomato (indeterminate) was doing A-ok up until a few days back, when I noticed one of the lower leaves looking a little spotty around the margins.

I asked my neighbor about it (more seasoned gardener) and she thought the plant looked fine, maybe it was a pest, and to spray it.

So, I did. It seemed fine after that.

Now, within the last 2 days I have noticed that the leaves are all starting to look speckled and burnt around the edges.

So, I am left wondering (worrying) if my plant has Early blight or Septoria leaf spot. To me, (in my completely untrained eye, lol) it looks like Septoria, but it's hard to tell.

The way the spotting/speckling began was at the bottom of the plant.

I have a few pictures of the plant to share...the last one is kind of blurry because it is raining outside and it is nighttime here.

I have several other tomato plants in their own containers nearby and wondering if I should remove this plant too.

If anyone has any advice i'd appreciate it.

Why do my tomato plants hate me!?!? LOL

I'm sorry for flooding your board with these posts!

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another picture of different leaves...

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whole plant shot (sorry for the blurry pic)

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Also wanted to add that the spotting began on one leaf at the bottom and has progressed upwards.

I would say half of the plant has this spotting pattern.

What should I do?

Thanks for any and all help! :)

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Well, I went out this morning to check on my spotted plant and it looks like the disease has spread upward. I was just about the prune off the bottom branches when I noticed that the top ones had spots now too.

Now, I'm left with the dilemma of removing the plant (new location) or totally destroying it so it doesn't spread to other plants.

The neighboring tomato plant shows some symptoms as well. (couple of spots on leaves).

I'm so sad and frustrated over all of this. Why can't I grow tomato plants?!?

Thanks for any advice!

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

It doesn't really matter which disease it has. The treatment is the same for most of them - remove all of the affected foliage and begin spraying regularly with the fungicide of your choice.

Yours has Bacterial Speck/Spot so I'd suggest you try using a copper-based fungicide and once all the diseased leaves are removed the air circulation around and through the plant should improve and it will dry out if the weather cooperates. No overhead watering.

When you see infected foliage on any plant you remove it immediately and dispose of it away from the garden. Never leave it on the plant.

I don't know what the white crystals are on some of the leafs - likely something you sprayed. But when the question arises as to what the problem is, it is not pests unless you see the pests. So blindly spraying for pests when it isn't necessary only compounds the problems.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you so much, Dave.

Your input really helps.

I kinda put it all together (after hours of looking at pictures last night)
that what is going on IS bacterial spot/speck.

I removed the plant away from the others and intend on purchasing a copper spray today.

Unfortunately the weather has been uncooperative the last few days dreary/rainy/wet leaves. I've been pretty diligent/careful about not watering the leaves.

I have learned quite a bit from my tomato growing trials and tribulations.

Just hoping to have one tomato plant survivor (of the 5).

Also, if we could just PLEASE have a few sunny and dry days...that would help a lot.

I think next year IF I do grow them again, I will definately do things differently.

Most likely I will buy LOCAL from a tomato grower and also prep their bedding a bit better.

I should have mulched and should have put down straw.

Soil is good/ good nutrients now.

Also, having a raised bed would make gardening a little bit easier too.

Thanks for your help, wish me luck! :)

Happy growing, to all!

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Just wanted to update...and ask another q..

I pruned/picked off all of the speckled leaves of the infected plant and sprayed it with Daconil (home depot was OUT of copper spray..grr) and left it overnight. Last night it did not rain. but it did a little bit today. Should I, can I respray?

Or is it too soon?

Sadly, it appears that the infection spread to the rest of my tomato plants except for 1 (so it appears). I pruned/picked them off also, and sprayed them.

Weird side note, I looked at some of the weeds growing on the ground, and it appears that there are speckles on them too. Could THIS be where my tomato plants acquired their illness?

I also pulled as many weeds up that I could that seemed infected. Not sure if there is any correlation or not..

So, to respray or not to respray...that is the question.

Next year I'm going to put my tomato plants in a bubble! HA!

Thanks for any input or advice..

Happy growing!

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