David slew Goliath - Unusual weapons

soxxxxAugust 11, 2011

One or more armadillos has made my lawn look like a sieve -hundreds of holes and dead tufts of grass.

This AM about five when DS was going to work he saw one at my back gate. He had no weapon. He got a metal hook from a big chain out of his truck and threw at him.

It hit him in the head and addled him. Then DS saw a house jack that I had borrowed near the gate and finished him off with that.

My job was to dispose of the deceased after daybreak.

I carried it to the back side of the pasture. It weighed 30 - 40 pounds. I have been thinking "what if it is not really dead?" I am going to take another look.

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At least DS had some pretty hefty weapons at hand! That could have turned into quite the chase!

See, around my house the first thought would have been: how can we trap it and then make a cement enclosure to keep it as a pet?

Oh, the trials of having a biologist for a husband! (don't ask what's currently living in the bathroom...)


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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Soxx, I am on my way out now to get sulphur for my beds. The blasted armadillos last night dug up my Louisiana phlox that I have had for over twenty five years.........now it is WAR..... I am really livid with them right now. I took as many of the roots as I could find and put them in containers for safe keeping......just hope they survive.

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Last week I put out a whole bag of sulphur around the lawn and in the flower beds. It did not seem to bother him(them).

Every AM I go out to survey the damage and to cover up the big fresh holes where they must take a rest. Today I discovered that they had demolished a bed of obedient plants that were just getting ready to bloom. I tried to stand some of them back up, but they are really shallow rooted.

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I think I have the litle devils too. So far no plants dug up, just lots of holes.

Soxxx, I'm so impressed with your son's aim! Way to go!

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DS phoned me (woke me up). He was so excited that he actually hit him in the head. They really have a little head in relation to the body. And he did the deed by the pickup headlights.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

And I thought I had it bad with deer to contend with. I don't know what I'd do if I had armadillis or maybe even worse -- wild hogs!

The last two nights the deer got inside the electric fence in front that has kept them out if that area for years. I even put peanut butter on the wire thinking they would be surely be tempted to lick it and get scared off again, but it wasn't touched. The squirrels have learned to leave it alone too. So I put a round of deer fencing around the new purple crape myrtle that was blooming so pretty, and laid pieces of the fencing over the roses which are pretty burned up anyway.

Soxxxx, I just hope that armadillo didn't have any friends.

Carrie, I hope you find something that works to keep them out of your place.

I know these times are hard on the wildlife, but eating up our plants wouldn't keep them going for long anyway.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

The sulphur has worked for me before, but what I have now doesn't have much strength. Since our local feed store is closed, guess I will need to find a new one as none of the local nurseries carry it. I did not get any today, so I suppose I will have another night of digging....monsters !!!!

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Lin barkingdogwoods

I'm with you, Roselee - I don't know anything that will ward off an armadillo. One of my Greyhounds caught one a week or so ago, so I'm tempted to set my alarm for 2ish and take her out to patrol the area again.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Dang! Do they go through chain link fences? 2 AM hunting doesn't sound like a lot of fun, but I'd be tempted to do it. The dogs would be thrilled for sure ... *_*

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