New to Texas/looking for a plant

texaskelley(9a)August 2, 2011

Hi everyone!

I have been lurking on this site for AGES, but JUST moved from St. Louis, MO to BCS, TX with my husband a month ago, and figured the climate change was as good an excuse as any to start posting.

If anyone knows the college Station/Bryan area, what nurseries are around, or have unusual specimens, that kind of thing, please let me know. We will be looking to get a house closer to Houston around October, so in the meantime my gardening is confined to containers in my MIL's backyard (fun, I know). I am anxious to start exploring some heat-tolerant plants that I just could not have in Missouri, though.

I am specifically interested in acquiring a Hechtia Lundelliorum. I have recently become a bit epiphyte-obsessed and would love to try and grow one of these out of a basket (how I started my staghorn fern). I'd prefer not to buy it through the mail, so if anyone knows a good nursery...

Thanks also for all the good advice I've gotten so far by lurking!


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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Hi there and welcome, we're always glad to meet new members.

Even though I don't live over there, I am somewhat familiar with the area so here's my picks. Those who live closer will add some I'm sure.

You can find your Hechtia lundeliorum at Yuccado in Giddings about 1.5 hour drive from you. They do not have a retail store, but you can pick up orders by appointment. You can also check with a local nursery to see if they will order for you.

Antique Rose Emporium is a great place to explore. Their demonstration gardens are the best around and they usually have a great selection of natives and succulents in addition to roses. It's also an hour or so drive for you, but is on the route to Houston if you are driving back and forth.

If you are going to Houston, then Houston Garden Center has great prices on standard plants so check there for basics. There are usually coupons in the paper or online for additional savings. Don't expect any service at these prices, so know what you need before you go.

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Thanks for the places to check out! I am just getting into roses, so I will definitely be checking out the antique rose emporium in person.

I looked up Yuccado online today and since they seemed to know what they were doing (and guaranteed their shipped plants) I decided to order my H.l. online. I am SO skeptical about doing this, but I guess it had to happen eventually, right?

Hopefully I'll get to the other places soon, and maybe others will chime in with more places to explore. I'm learning the neighborhood by nursery!


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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

How fun that you already ordered! I've only heard good things about them so you should be very happy with your purchase.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Ordering online is not the cheapest way to get plants but it is effective when one counts in gas living out in the country. Yuccado is cool. They just moved. They do have OPEN DAYS on occasion. Their old place was next door to Peckerwood Gardens. Check out their website and visit sometime. It is a beautiful garden of an amazing artist, John Frairy who has been instrumental in the research into Northern Mexican plants and the bringing them into the gardening culture of Texas.

Houston has Cactus KIng. I was just made aware of them and they look like an amazing nursery. Worth the drive, especially if you are looking for houses in Houston. I would buy a house close to them (LOL)

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