Who's hosting WLOMWL?

poisondartfrogNovember 3, 2013

Pat?, Michelle?
Just wondering if it is going to happen this year (:

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kchd(7b/8a MS)

I was just thinking about this swap this weekend as I was going through seeds to pick out packs to go on the "Must Winter Sow" list. I started prepping containers today :)

Really looking forward to WLOMWL again (& hope it happens!) I got Flame Acanthus from you last year, Alana, which I winter sowed, and those plants are looking so good!!

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I'd host again unless someone else wants to take it on.
HOWEVER, it was a real learning experience last year, and I think a few changes would make it a better experience for all involved:

How about a limit on the number of packets of generic seeds sent in by each participant? A few people had very general wish lists and received hundreds of packets of seeds. Some of those with the most generic lists only sent in 40 or so packets themselves. That left me with hundreds of packets no one really wanted. I like mixed zinnias and marigolds, but not hundreds of packets.

Seeds sent in need to match wish lists better and have labels that can be read. There were too many packets last year that were not on wish lists or were poorly labeled. I kept notes on the seeds each person sent in and tried to send back similar quality. Lots of generics in -- lots of generics back.

Toward the end it got very difficult. One extremely large, very nice package came about the deadline. There was no way I could come up with several hundred packets of like quality to send back to that person.

Other ideas? This has been one of my favorite swaps for many years, and I'd love to see it continue but with some changes.


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I know what you mean, but I like generic seeds( and can use lots of them) so I would put in alot of seeds and keep the generics for my self( well most of them )
I dont think anyone expects to get all good stuff back. I would set a limit to how many packs sent in, say 150, but that is upto the hostess. I would host if the swap is in danger of not happening, I dont have many seeds to trade this year, just picked my seeds and didnt pack any up, I plane on keeping mine to toss out next year.

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Those are good ideas Patricia. When I hosted the swap I was determined to send seeds right back to the sender that were not on wish lists, but the number of packs like that was so large that I gave up because of the time involved. A few ideas:
1. It might be easier to consider inappropriate seeds a donation and deduct that number from the sender's total so that they receive fewer packs back than they sent. If people know that will happen perhaps they will be more careful.
2. Advertise that quality in equals quality back.
3. Encourage (not mandate) a little refinement to lists. Fewer seeds will come in but they will be more pleasing.
4. Place a limit on overall numbers of seeds sent. 200? 250? 300? Use seeds over the maximum to flesh out packages that have not received enough matching seeds.

I'm sure there are more/better ideas out there.

You did a great job last year, Pat. Whatever you need to do to improve the swap will be a-ok with me.
Edited to add that I did not see Michelle's post. I think that's fine too, as long as we preserve this as a swap about receiving what is on your wish list. There are plenty of other general swaps around that are less structured and that's fun, too, just different.


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When I hosted a swap, it was basically set up number in = number back, but I limited that to guaranteeing only up to 100 different seeds. That way, folks could send in as many as they wanted, as long as they knew not to expect more than 100 different back (even that was challenging at times; you could limit to a lower number if you liked). Many of us 'vets' play for fun - we have lots to share, and don't need a lot back.

I sometimes made a list of 'extras' after I'd stuffed the envelopes, but before mailing, and let the swap participants tell me if there were any from the list they'd like added to the bag. After that, extras went to various newbie projects.

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I love this swap, but I've never hosted, so any input I have is not from experience. Just suggestions.
All of the ideas are good.
1. Any seed packets that you can't read the label
2. The seed packets/labels don't have the information you set up in your rules
3. Seeds aren't on someone's want list
These go right back in the bag of the sender.

Limit number of seed packets sent in by each person to what you feel is manageable for you.

Too late for this year, but I would start the swap in maybe September or early October so I would be finished by the holidays, and seeds would be received in time for winter sowing.

Does anyone hear from Patty anymore? Hope she's doing okay.

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jlee160(5 MI)

I also love this swap and would be willing to host if needed now that I am done with school:)

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I would also like to limit the options for return shipping to just two. Both options have delivery confirmation included and I can print labels at home. The discount for printing at home is included in the prices below:

1, a small priority box for $5.15 for smaller trades up to 100 seed packets, maybe a few more

2. a large padded envelope for $5.70 for larger trades.

This change might cost a few people a little more postage, but nearly all packages that did not go flat-rate last year cost nearly as much and, in a few cases, more.


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kchd(7b/8a MS)

Excellent points re: postage for returning packages, Pat. I agree with you. As it is structured now, you really don't save any money using parcel post vs priority mail when mailing packages these days. Unless the package is very light and weighs less than 13 oz., which is the max weight you can mail something as 1st class, you might as well use Priority Mail.

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I would also be interested in hosting if one is still needed.

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ruthz's ideas on how to handle seed packets that don't 'fit' sound perfect to me and everyone's ideas are good. I don't like the thought of limiting shipping options, though...just a pet peeve.
Will anyone be hosting the Theme Garden swap this year? While I'm asking, what ever happened to the Rare/Unusual/Named RR?

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kchd(7b/8a MS)

I think all the ideas that have been bounced around are good ones, considering how massive this swap appears to be, and how much of a huge time commitment it is for the hostess. How many seed packets did you receive, track, and send back out last year, Pat? Many thanks, again, for hosting it last year. I thought you did a fabulous job, especially since you went to the trouble to check and see if packs for me were on my wish list (which meant looking them up to see if they're native).

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Last year there were 4709 seed packets sent in. I added quite a few from my stash as I packed envelopes and boxes and did not get an accurate count of those.

I've been composing the opening post for the swap thread and may post it tomorrow. i want to give people a little more time to find this thread and have a chance to comment.

It's great that we have new people ready to host! Maybe one of you would like to revive the Named/Rare/Unusual swap? That was a really good swap one too. I've never participated in the Theme Garden swap, though it looks like fun too.

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I'm on the fence with the postage issue. If I were a relatively new player with only 30 packets of seeds to trade, I could mail those for 2.07 or less. Requiring more than double to get them back might cause me not to join.
On the other hand, that would be one way to cap participation and I understand how much easier it is to print postage than deal with all that weighing and stamping.

I'd love to see Julie's Rare etc, swap revived, too. That was a favorite that slipped off the radar. I've hosted a swap this year and don't have time for another, but if someone reviewed those old threads and modeled a swap around her concept, I suspect it would be well attended.
Here's an example:

Here is a link that might be useful: Julie's Rare/Unusual/Named Variety Seed Exchange

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how about the secreat santa swap, I hope it is still on, I'm making my cards for it and expected a post by now.
did hazelnutbunny/melissa host it last year, she just had a baby so will contacted her to see if she is up to it.

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Kim has always hosted, including last year's, flwrs4ever.
I've been wondering about it, too.
I mailed her from GW to see. I hope she is doing well.

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oops, sorry kim dont know why i get you too mixed up.

thanks alana

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I have hosted the Theme Garden Swap in the past, but didn't last year and won't be able to anymore - my life has just gotten too busy for this, although it was fun. I think Michelle (Micyrey) did it last year? And Sandlapper Rose (Jeanne) has done it for a year or two as well. I am ready to share seeds in swaps this year, but am even finding collecting and packaging seeds for trades to take a lot of time. I say this every year, but I honestly think this will be my last year of trading/swaps for awhile, and next year I'll just gather bunches for for the Newbie Project.

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Let's keep the option of regular mail for anyone who does not want DC or priority mail. I certainly don't want to discourage participation from those with smaller trades. Many of those traders chose priority mail last year, but not all.

I've cut back to only two swaps each year, this one and the Piggy Swap on another website. I'm just a participant in the Piggy Swap and it wraps up about the time this one really gets busy in mid-December. By the end of January, I'm ready to do anything not involving seeds, even cleaning!

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Pat, thanks so much for hosting this one! It has got to be the most time consuming RR on this forum.

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em247(5a IA)

I'm new to this site and trading in general, so I'm going to ask a silly question-What does WLOMWL stand for?

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Hi Em, and welcome!

WLOMWL = What's Left on My Want List

The official signup thread with all the swap procedures is coming up this afternoon. Please join us for a great swap!

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