Egg Shells and Early Blight

jimmy56_gwJuly 23, 2014

Been gardening for over 30 years so I thought I would try the egg shell idea, So far no BER but I also use liquid calcium & magnesium, This is the first year that I got hit hard with what appears to be EB (early blight), It is really eating my tomatoe plants up, Starting at the bottom of the plants, Been spraying with Immunox for gardens, Anyone else having bad blight problems this year?

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I dont neither have BER nor EB.

On BER I think liquid calcium is a better choice than eggshell. If there is any benefit in eggshell comes when it is broken down/decomposed.And that will takes months if not years.

I don't know anything about Immunox, but I use Daconil and Neem Oil sprays as fungicide. The latter is organic.

Good luck with the fight !

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Glad to here you have no problems, I used to use Cooper Fungicide but a friend recommended Immunox so I thought I would try it, See there is some members here using it also and there is quit a few members using Daconil.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Jimmy, I think you may find it very useful to read the link below,a recent thread that makes a lot of good points about BER, I posted on July 4th, and you'll also recognize some names of folks here who do post quite often.


Here is a link that might be useful: BER

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For the first time, I have had no Blossom End Rot this year. I planted the tomatoes late in an area that had been a compost heap years ago. The soil was very dry and I had to water frequently, every other day. After a couple of weeks, I ground up the egg shells from about one or two dozen eggs and whirled them in the blender with water that I then poured over the 4 plants. I have added crushed egg shells a few times since then, but not blenderized ones. Something did it.

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