Birthday Bash 2009 Nov. cont.

ncgardengirlNovember 24, 2008

And a new Celebration Thread Begins for DEB!!!

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Marie-Your ornaments are wonderful! I like the ones with the fish, kitty and doggy. Do you sell these?

Kym-A little TLC from your GW friends is a bonus you'll just have to accept.LOL I've got a multitude of things going on and sometimes I post just to relieve myself of the burden. So lay it on us!! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Nik-When sending seeds I always use a manila bubble wrap envelope. These envelopes don't go through the stamping machine they are stamped by hand. The seeds don't get damaged.

Thanks for all the praises for my DD's Web Site and her work. Don't know if I posted this but my niece designed the Web Site. She and Carol are very close. Business picked up a bit last weekend other than that it's been very slow. I bring in some crafts, I'm working on, just to pass the time. I also made some Christmas decorations to give the kiosk some sparkle.

Fran-The problem with EKG's is that they can't predict a cardiac event until it's over. I was always amazed at the number of people who had heart attacks and didn't know it. I'm sure you'll be able to broach the subject of healthier living in your own way. He may be still in the denial stage. Although if he still isn't smoking he may have passed that stage.

I hope everyone has a good day,

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Fran~ At least your SO is trying to quit smoking & seems to be taking everything seriously. Sometimes it takes a warning like this to make us wake up.
5 years ago, when I was 8 months pregnant with my 4th baby, my daddy woke up with chest pains & was feeling very weak. He went on to work, anyway...worked all day in the 100+ degree heat (he's a shipping supervisor, so he works in a warehouse with no a/c) and THEN went to the DR. Turns out, he had a mild heart attack. Now, his blood pressure had been sky high for at least 3 years (I'd been taking it every month or so for him), and his daddy (my grandpa) had 5 heart attacks & 2 strokes PLUS high blood pressure...starting at age 42. So, I had been begging daddy for YEARS to go get a check up & start watching his diet, etc.. But he was convinced he wasn't in danger. Or in denial. Either way.
BUT I'm happy to say that he's on his BP meds, takes them religiously now...has cut out all salt, watches his diet. And he goes in for check ups once a month. He's still got alot of weakness, but at least he takes things seriously.

Sometimes, that's what it takes. Men are stubborn (heck, women can be too!) but when he realized he might not be around to see his grandkids, that shook him.

Kinda like Icolor> wanted to shake him for not paying attention sooner! :O)

And now, I'll get off my soap box.

Mariann~ I hope business picks up for your DD. She has a great talent. :O)

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good afternoon all,
i have use of my right hand finally but not enough to type yet. it is so exciting. i have a much better idea of what the end result is going to be and it is not pretty but certainly completely functional.
i need to clean my house today as three weeks of no dusting or vaccuuming is not good. the weather today is awful but i have lots to do inside so i do not care.
i will try to visit later but i do need to get to work now.

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wynative(z5 WY)

Deb - your box is on its way!

Mariann - yes, I do sell them. I am going to a craft fair on Saturday and am keeping my finger's crossed that everyone likes them as much as you all do LOL Maybe one of these days I will figure out how to set up a site like you daughters....

Diene - good luck with you hand! I don't know what I would do not being able to use my for even a day!!

Melissa - just one more week! LOL

Fran - I sent out my 'not so' secret santa box today - my pal emailed me and guessed but I wont spoil it by posting the name.


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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Hi all.
I just wanted to post a quick update on the endless saga of my missing package to Deb. Per "Lydia" on Saturday, I was first told that the package was not lost. I then informed her that I had to talked to someone earlier in the week who said the package was not officially missing until Thursday and since it was then Saturday. She finally agree to start the "search" and gave me the new confirmation number I posted earlier. She said that I would have a phone call from the po by the end of the day on Monday. Today (Tuesday) still no phone call so I called them back. I talked to another lady who asked if I wanted to "escalate" this matter. I said yes so she said that she bumped it up a level to customer affairs. The confirmation for the search is the same and someone will call be the end of the day tomorrow. We'll see..

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Wow, Nik.....I am shaking my head at all of that. This whole thing is like a booger you can't shake off the end of your finger.
One thing is for are MUCH MUCH more patient that I would be. :O)

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diene, I am glad you are recovering nicely.

Nik, I am so sorry you are having so much trouble with your box...

Marie, DANG YOUR PARTNER! I told her not to try to GUESS...she just can't leave well enough
I have found a site that looks pretty good to set up as a business type thing. Maybe I could help you work on one?
Yeah, Deb has another box on the way! Can't wait to get details!

Bunny, EWWWW! What a gross comparison! lol!!!
Bunny, I decided to wait on sending your prize...hehe. I have a reason, so hang with me. (wink)
We are waiting patiently on your little bundle, can't wait to hear what the Bday will actually be, on time or a week late! Would be a hoot if this one was a week early! That would be a switch for you huh? Wouldn't have seen that one coming either, hehe. You just stay rested and start taking it easy, don't stress or strain!

Mariann, he has had more then just the EKG, they have ran him through every test possible for his problems. They told us at the hospital he had not had a heart attack, BUT they wanted to run some more test to see what might be going on and there was a blood type test they would run until he left the hospital they could detect different chemical levels in his blood which could indicate if he did or not. This test they said would would let them know BUT sometimes it takes up to 24 hours for these levels to show there was a heart attack. So apparently this is where it showed up for his Dr. to tell him. Because she said his paperwork from the hospital showed that he did in fact have a mild one.
All the test he had had before (which started in 2003) showed no signs of one before. This is why I am sure he did have it that day. The pain he described was classic symptoms.
So we were not going on the EKG, they just used that to montior if he had one while in the hospital. Even though he continued to have pain they said he was no longer having anything that should be worried about. Which ticks me off too because he obviously DID have one and I can't figure out why THEY at the hospital kept saying no it wasn't they couldn't find ANYTHING.

He is still doing well on the smoking. He hasn't had one since the 12 of NOV still. Even though he has been around a couple of people that smokes like chimneys. I told him he should be around them, no point in tempting it until he KNOWS he has completely stopped!

Anyway, going to figure out what I am doing for supper. I have a headache, if I could I'd just feed everybody sandwiches! Hey, we COULD have subs! That is easy...

:) Fran

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Is anyone else having this problem, when I close GW window and then come back to GW it has logged me out EVERYTIME? or is it just ME?

It is starting to get on my nerve!

I managed to get rid of the headache thank goodness. Thought I would pop in to see if there was anything new going on and there isn't, so I guess I will be going on to something else!!!
Later Ladies, have a good night!

:) Fran

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Mama Fran said: "It is starting to get on my nerve!"

*giggle* Would that there be your LAST nerve, Mama Fran? :O)

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Yeah Bunny girl that would be the


:) Fran

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Fran, I hope everything turns out ok with your so. I think going to the doctor is half the battle. Too many people "wait" around and let things get worse.
Still waiting to hear from the po.... ARRRRGGGGHHHH!

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Missing package update:
They did call today. I talked to Terry (very nice) who said that it left the Atlanta processing hub and is probably at the major hub near Deb (rewording here). He says that it's still possible that the box is still traveling because it weighed 13 pounds and was a BIG box. Anyhoo, he's sending emails and making phone calls to the other hub to see if he can track it down. Maybe just maybe, we'll find our box. At this point, it's a mission! Nik

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING, EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day, and be safe, if you are traveling !

We made the best tasting pumpkin pie I have ever had this week...I had watched the Paula Deen Thanksgiving day special, and I grew up eating APPLE BUTTER...WELL.that is the secret ingredient...and MMMMMMMMMMMMM is it good !!!

Bunny, I thought of you...cause if it had home made APPLE BUTTER I am sure it would be that something you make ??

I am having a friend, and her family over...nothing big..we will all watch the parade together, and play board games with the kids.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow, and I think DEB will have her box on Friday...oh, I hope soo !!



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Just popping in for a quick "Happy Thanksgiving" ;)
I'm making potato salad and greenbean casserole, doing the stuffing ahead of time, plus working on the sausage & bowtie sidedish. I'm cooking the main things tomorrow (turkey, ham, etc). I've been busy for hours! We decided to have one last Thanksgiving at Mom's house, so I have to carry everything there!

Better get back to work! I'm debating on what yummy deserts to bring!


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Well I see the only threads that are getting real action today is the Secret Santa Swap and the MNF chocolate party...hehe

Wish I could do that one but I don't need chocolate right I guess I will just keep wishing...hehe

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day. Have a great weekend.

Hey what happened to OUR bartender? She quit? We don't have Dan anymore so who is going to take over making the special brownies???

:D Fran

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Ohhhh, I was SOOO hoping that Deb recd her box from me today...I cant stand the suspence any longer...LOL

Fran, I think anytime there is choc around, there is a big response...LOL

I think people are too worn out to be chatting today...they either ate too much turkey...and are still sleeping, or they are out shopping all morning..LOL

Oh I hope Deb gets her box soon...I feel like I do when it is Christmas and I want to tell the kids what I bought them ..and cant..LOL

Bunny, ya ready to have that baby tomorrow ?? LOL I told her I think she will have it on I win the lottery if she does ?

Ok, I am off to count eyes are gonna go permanently crossed...ha ha

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Morning-I certainly hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving. Ours was a disaster. My DH developed a nasty chest cold on Weds. The same day our refrigerator door fell off. Our DD decided not to chance germs so they stayed home on Thanksgiving. My DH and I did eat turkey though. I was suppose to work with my DD at her kiosk today unfortunately now I have a chest cold. Which is not good because my resistance is so low because of the meds I take. Most of my colds turn into pneumonia. One bright note was that I spoke with all 3 of my siblings.

Bunny-I'm cheering you on dear!!!

I really really need to hear some good Thanksgiving stories today!

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Kym~ I SOOOOOOO hope you are right!! I would absolutely be thrilled to have this baby today! I have been more emotional this past week than I have for the entire 9 months! I'm crying over everything, and then, too...none of my clothes fit! And I can't see buying more just to not need them in a few weeks. UGH. My hubby, though, has been a saint. He deserves a medal. He's been patient, and let me bawl all over his shoulder, without saying a word (except "I love you" & "You're beautiful"....can we say "AWwwwwww!!!!" LOL) I've been running around wearing nothing but a bathrobe for the past few days (yep, makes ups deliveries REALLY exciting...)

Except for Thanksgiving, when I put on my extra nice, super comfy stretchy, years old black sweat pants...and hoofed it over to the in-laws. Where I watched over 6 hours of "HOUSE". I had never seen that before (we don't get any TV channels here, no antenna or cable)...and WOW, is that show addicting! LOL If they just cleaned it up a bit, and left out the naughty'd be wonderful. :O)

Mariann~ I hope you get to feeling better soon! Eat (or take the pills) lots of garlic, that'll help with the immune system & help fight off that cold. Also, it's VERY nasty...and ICKY...but if you boil an onion (cut up, in a few cups of water, for about an hour or so), strain the water and then mix the water & some honey together, and take a tablespoon of that every few hours, it'll help too.
I know that's NASTY...but trust me, it WORKS GREAT. Yes, and my kids love it. NOT! :O)

Fran~ Yes, we all need chocolate right about now! Well, I know I do, anyway. :O) I'm trying to get hubby to make some of his truffles, but he hasn't found the time yet. *sigh* That, and he probably knows I'll just eat them all ANYWAY. :O) But, doggone it...they're SO GOOD!!!

Okay...I'm off to do....something....I've forgotten just now what it is that I need to do. LOL But I know I meant to do something before I sat down here at the computer....
ARGH. I hate being so forgetful. :O)

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Mariann Honey I am so sorry you and hubs are sick. I second what Bunny said about the onion, you can also take the boiled bits wrap them up in cheesecloth (or a sock if you have to) and place it on your chest. That helps to break up any congestion you might have. Trust ME that works too, along with drinking that juice. My son, when he was 18-24 months, old was prone to bronchitis which turned deadly for him, he always ended up being rushed to the hospital....he would be so very sick.
The last time I remember him getting that sick when we got back from the hospital my grandmother was baking an onion. I asked her why she had the oven on for just one onion, she said I am gonna end this and make that baby well.
She explained what for and how and why. When it was done, she poured off the juice, made him drink it, wrapped the rest in cheese cloth, placed it on his chest, made him go to bed...When he woke up in the morning, although he still felt bad he was better, no more coughing, no more congestion! It works.
I hate your Thanksgiving was a disaster....hugs to you, Christmas will be much better!

Bunny, I picked something up for you today, now when I get some more I will be putting your package in the mail. :)!!! Oh, and something else too...THEN it will be mailed!!!

Still working on a game ladies, trying to decide what the next prize will be....but it is coming...I promise...REALLY!!!

Kym, I am glad you are so, I hope Deb gets the box too.

We are still waiting on her to report she got her box from Marie as well, so maybe she will get yours today too and report the contents of both boxes!!!

Bunny, you DO realize you can watch TV shows on the internet too right? 6 hours of HOUSE??? I don't like it that much to watch that many shows at one time...huh ugh!

Well, I guess I am off to go do something else maybe see if SO wants to go rent a movie or two....

:) Fran

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Bunny is hot on the baby trail today. If you have time pop on over to the MNF: Chocolate Swap sign-ups and read the interesting tips she is receiving to induce labor.
I am sure one will work.
I personally second the walking thing once you being to feel pressure in the lower quarters. My friend and I went to the mall with the last one and she walked my behind off, that night I went into labor and he was born the next morning.
I hope she can find something that pushes it along.

So, how is everyone's weekend? It is raining here and it is messing with my sinuses. We just went to Wally world to pick me up some meds to helps combat those symptoms. I hope it doesn't worsen...

I guess Deb didn't get any boxes yet. So we will see what tomorrow brings.

I will check in later to see if anyone has posted today.

:) Fran

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Marie's box arrived over the weekend. I'll post later what was in the box. I'm taking a two minute break before cleaning up the kitchen after making lunch. I also have to do some laundry, drag out the garbage. Lots of miscellaneous things to do today to catch up.

Be back later!


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Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to let ya all know I'm still alive! LOL

Deb, Your box is in the works and will fly SOON! I PROMISE!

We've been having so much going on around here I haven't been on, I haven't read the posts and hope all is well with everyone!

I got an AWESOME box from my secret santa! THANKS MARIE!

I will try to get a pic on soon....

The box had TWO adorable gift bags in it, one for me and one for Zack!

His bag had a write on wipe off activity sheet,
a really cute card (Marie did you make this?) clipped to an envie of hot cocoa (GONE!)
watering can
grow kit of flowers
a cute 1-2-3 zoo numbers book
Christmas stickers
AND one of Marie's adorable hand made snowman ornaments with his name on it!!
(I just KNOW I am forgetting something, but he would NOT leave it all alone till I could post it! LOL

I got
a note pad
awesome scented sachet (sp) chocolate almond MMMMMM!
sugar cookie bath salts - smells great OHHHH, Zack also got some Christmas tree bath confetti! (He loves it! : )
a really nice pair of gloves!
a hot cocoa envie with the adorable card on it (gone)
M & M's (gone)
Miracle grow
A Christmas tree grow kit!
My little hand made snowman ornament with my name on it
2 very pretty handmade hot pads that are Christmas themed, (I'm guessing you made these too Marie, they are adorable!)
Oh, I almost forgot, this very cute little sewing machine trinket box that is ceramic and has a little ceramic pair of scissors and a spool of thread in it! So cute!

Marie, I just have this feeling I'm forgetting something, if I am please forgive me! I am just thrilled to death about my santa box! Thanks so much, I love everything!! You really outdid yourself! (as usual! : )

I feel guilty, I haven't sent Deb's box yet, but I got a WONDERFUL box for myself!

I've gotta run, I promised Zack he could play his computer games before bed, boy do I regret showing him the computer! LOL

Hope everyone had a great holiday, and didn't get injured if you went shopping on black friday! I went, got great deals and didn't even get into one argument! LOL

Take care everyone, I'll be back to read the posts and catch up!


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I just thought the rest of the group should know, and my heart honestly aches for Dan's loss.

Posted by dan_the_mailman Michigan (My Page) on Sun, Nov 30, 08 at 19:18

This afternoon has been the worst in my life. Paula and I went out driving, and wound up in a car wreck. I've got some bumps, sprains, and a broken wrist. The car that hit us hit on Paula's side of the car, and she didn't make it to the hospital. I will be travelling to New York this week, and then coming back by the weekend. I'll talk to you all when I get back.

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Fran, I have thought of nothing else all day...I just feel awful, and this is when I wish we all lived closer to each other.

I didnt know we could mail the Secret Santa box, or I would have last week...Vicky, you recd some really great things !

Ok, off to count some more...Ill be seeing numbers and names in my sleep.


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Well, Kym honey, I DID say as long as it got there before Dec 15, but never expected anyone to send this early.

VICKEY!!! You are NOT posed to TELL yet WHO sent to you! BAD GIRL, BAD GIRL, what am I gonna do with you? Bad girl, Bad girl! (sing to the theme of Cops!)

Ever since I found out about Paula, I have just had this sinking feeling, I don't know what it is. She was someone I knew and didn't know. I think that is why I feel so bad. I would have liked to have been able to get to know her better. I truly do feel for Dan. It is not fair, they had just begun to know each other. It is just heartbreaking. I have to stop no or I will cry and I have tried not too, but I feel like I lost a friend too.

Marie, honey, when you get a chance would you please resend the link you tried to send me with the tea/coffee pot patterns? I didn't get it and I just received some cloth pieces I am sure I can use to start one of those.

Bunny, I tried to reach you tonight. I hope you are having that baby! I have my fingers crossed, I have been thinking about you and the baby a lot today too.

Mariann, gosh I hope you aren't sick, sick! I really hope you are getting better and not worse. I will email you in the AM with my progress report, HUGS to you...I hope you recover soon!

Well, I am truly depressed so I am gonna go try to get some sleep and not think about all the rotten news lately.

Please tell me everyone else is doing well, no more bad news!

Oh, I need to start a new Dec. post drats. I will do that later, not right now.
Ok, later all,

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ohhh, I cant sleep either... have cried several times today, as I know how happy Dan has been, and it just breaks my heart to know what he is going thru.

I really hope Bunny IS having her baby...I really thought she was going to have it during the night last night..

I too hope everyone is well, and that the new year will bring happiness and good health to you all.

Hugs to you all,


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I'm shocked about what happened to Dan and Paula. I really didn't know Dan all that well but have read many of his posts about their moving in together. What a terrible thing to happen. Sending prayers out to him and Paula's family.

Bunny & Fran-I appreciate the recipe with the onions. Unfortunately onions don't agree with me. Even the juice wreaks havok with my digestive system. Can you come up with something else??? My DH seems worse today than several days ago. I'm coughing, blowing my nose, and ache everywhere.

Hugs to everyone-Just don't seem to be able to write anymore.

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No, no baby yet. I tried Mark's chili solution last night, but it didn't work. I think I'll have him email me HIS recipe. Maybe that's where I went wrong. :O)

Mariann~ I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling any better! Oh, gosh. can try my daddy's recipe of Warm honey & Vodka. You can leave out the vodka, if you aren't a drinker...although, it helps relax the chest muscles, especially. I don't know why, specifically, he used vodka...but he NEVER had a bad cold when I was growing up.
Still keep taking the garlic, and maybe do some cyanne (sp!) pepper, too. Both help get the body's blood circulating and help wipe out infections.
I hope you get to feeling better soon! I hate that you and your DH are sick! :O(

I am soooo sad for Dan! It's just awful. And then, we all feel so helpless. Sending hugs just seems so..inadequate. I just hope he knows how much we all care for him & are here for him.

Fran~ Sorry that I didn't get a chance to return your call! I was getting kiddos settled down, and by the time I realized I'd missed a call, it was late...and I wasn't sure how late you'd be up, and hated to call and maybe wake you. ANYWAY. :O) Feel free to call me back if you need to, or would you like me to call you? Or was it just something that crossed your mind last night, and you felt the need to talk and don't now? (I understand THAT!) :O)

Hugs to everyone & BE SAFE today!!!

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I'm so sorry! I had to re-read the thread just to make sure that I totally understood what happened! My heart goes out to you~ and I promise to say lots of prayers for You (and Paula's Family) for strength!

I didn't have a chance to post yesterday, I started cleaning out a spare room and took advantage of garbage day!

Marie's box~
cute homemade blue potholder with embrodered flowers!
Yummy Chocolate-Almond smelling "Mother" breast cancer awareness ribbon/sachet.
Cute 'frosty' mug w/pkg of swiss miss cocoa!
Red flamingo pen (so cute, wearing a santa hat!)
Miracle gro box of plantfood
Herb grow kit- Oregano, Thyme, Lavender!
"Happy Birthday" sticker (for a scrapbook).
Cute handmade ornament that has my name on it! ;)
Lavender African violet, self-watering planter!

Thanks Marie so much for all the neat "B-Day" goodies! I love everything you sent!

Giant Hugs,

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All righty then two more Deb boxes and she will be

We just have to FIND one of them!

Ok, if you all will start using the BB Dec thread for this month, since it IS now DECEMBER>..oh my gosh, where has the year gone?

I am glad Deb has been pleased with all her goodies!
Everyone did a super fantastic job!

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I am so bummed she hasnt gotten my box yet....*sad puppy face*...I hope it comes soon !

Bunny, thanks so much for the card, it is ADORABLE !

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wynative(z5 WY)

Deb - glad to see that it arrived in you month even though it was late...

Dan - my heart goes out to you and Paula's friends and family...

Bunny - I was 2 weeks late with my daughter so... I painted the baby furniture (again), then cleaned the fridge & oven, took an 8 mile walk, had friends take me for a ride in their jeep in the boonies and NOTHING! So... I went to the doctor and said, NOW!! I don't care I want her born today - so he scratched my cervex and 6 hours later I had my bundle of joy :) Hope your tricks are working but if not - doctor's are really scared of us during this time and will help LOL


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Kym, I sorry she hasn't received your yet I hope we don't have another lost box....I will be REALLY REALLY upset!

Fingers crossed it arrived today!

:) Fran

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I posted this on the "Secret Santa" thread by accident.
We have too many threads, LOL!

I'll copy what I wrote~
Kym's box arrived! ;)
The first thing I unpacked from the box was an adorable snowman, wearing flannel pants (and it's big)! Plus a bunch of other neat 'goodies'..
Seeds~ Lettuce, Onion, Dill (can always use these)
Mexican Shell flower bulbs, Allium bulbs (love bulbs)
Cute wooden Garden Angel plaque
Trading spaces episode guide book
Cupcake/silicone molds (love baking with silicone items)
Box of herb lemon tea, my favorite!
Sugar cookie candle, smells sooo good!
Thank you so much for the wonderful box! I LOVE everything! This really has been soooo much fun! ;)


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Deb I am glad you finally got Kym's box.

Still waiting to hear when Vic mails out and IF we ever find Nik's box...ERRR the PO!

I am glad you have liked what you have received, and hope it truly lifted your spirits!

:) Fran

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I wanted to thank all of you for making my month so special! I had so much fun opening up the packages! Every package was FANTASTIC! Thanks to all of you!


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Deb-So glad you had a good birthday month with all your gifts.

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Deb, I am glad you had a terrific month too. I just hope the last 2 remaining boxes get there.
I am so upset over Nikki's box. I just insured my Christmas box! Don't want to lose it as it is just too important. It has to get there! (not that your bday box wasn't important, no not saying that at all, I am saying yours getting lost taught me a lesson!)

Ok, well, post when you receive the last 1 or 2, I hate that Nikki feels she has to replace it but I understand how she feels completely, I just hope it DOES show up!

:) Fran

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I know everyone had fun spoiling you this month, Deb! I'm just sorry we can't do this for everyone EVERY month! :O)

Wow, They haven't tracked that box down YET? I really hope it turns up & at least some things are salvagable (~sp~). This is a rotten time of year for packages getting lost. I've had 2 from Ebay get lost just this past month. It's not a huge deal, as they were small $ items, but I REALLY was looking forward to getting them.
It's just the principle of the thing, ya know?

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Sorry for the delay in posting! Vicky's package arrived several days ago, and I've had no time to post! I've been so busy! Plus, everyone's always using my laptop! I have to wait in line to use it. ;)

Vicky sent~
Cute Christmas mug, Candle set (3 yummy Vanilla candles in ceramic 'crocks') and a garden tool (claw), package of green tea, cute teaspoon, mug warmer (that plugs in your computer) and keeps that hot chocolate steamy! ;)
Butterfly (that has a hanger)- very pretty tin, almost 'stained' with hints of green. Also, a '09 calendar (In the garden), plus some seeds- sweet marjoram, organic tomato, dill, chives! And an IOU for a RED hen and chick! I LOVE those! Thanks so much Vicky for such a nice package!
I LOVE everything you sent! I have one of the vanilla candles burning right now, and it smells so good!


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Wow Deb, how hard was it to find your Bday month

Thanks so much for posting AND posting it
Sounds like a terrific box even if it was a little (hehe) late!

Well, now Deb is ALL WRAPPED up with her month, sounds like she is pleased with all her goodies! Everyone did an excellent job on Deb's Bday Month gifts!!!
:) Fran

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