termites in raised bed garden?

jpc3August 29, 2010

I was adding compost and turning the soil on my two raised bed gardens this morning and noticed what looked like tiny termites or albino ants in the soil of one of them.

should I be worried about this or is it normal?

The strange thing is they are present in only one bed and did not seem to harm any of my vegetables.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Termites are everywhere. Part of mother nature's little workforce turning dead wood into compost. There was probably some wood mulch in your compost that they are feeding on.

I probably wouldn't put that compost up against a wood house, fence, or firewood though.

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Thanks for the info - I went back out and noticed that all the little bugs seemed to be being attacked by ants - guess I will turn the soil several times over the next few weeks and see what happens :)

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There was a PBS show on termites in some country in Africa. They were in someone's home and eating the walls and roof. There was an older man who knew of a kind of ant who could get rid of the termites. They looked like fire ants only bigger and he said they were dangerous because they could go inside a person or animal and start eating it from the inside (that would be gross) but he knew how to talk to them. So he and a couple of boys went out to find these ants and they dumped a bag full into the termite caverns in the house. The ants really went after the termites even though the termites were bigger. It was both gross and interesting.

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