My first aid treatement for armadillo damage

soxxxxAugust 26, 2011

I live at the edge of the woods.

A busload of armadillos visits my yard every night.

I have a morning routine of assessment and repair.

I use a yard broom to gently rake the loose pieces of turf into a pile.

With pressure from the water hose I squirt around the holes in a circular motion to wash the dirt back in.

(I think rain will eventually do the same thing)

I have a small bucket of dirt to fill in the most gaping holes.

Any grass sprigss that would not rake up I clip with scissors.

The bare spots fill in with grass in a few days.

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weldontx(z 8a TX)

Have you tried scattering moth balls around? I've heard that this helps to keep skunks out from under buildings, then again, it may be and old wives tale.....wonder why it's an OLD wife who tells???? (slightly grinning)

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

I sure that's some old man's saying ...LOL

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)


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I went to the internet for advice. It was discouraging.
The experts say sulphur (which I used) and mothballs do not faze them.
They are doubtful about the effectiveness of commercial products.

The #1 advice is trapping, but that is tricky.

I guess I need to stay up all night with a big net to throw over them. That is if I am able to run fast enough.

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And then what would you do?
You could try a trap. Although in this area, they seem to avoid traps like the plague, maybe elsewhere they would get into the trap.

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scotty66(8 Hutto TX)

If you trap one, are you prepared for what comes next? You are NOT supposed to relocate them... because you are just passing off your problem to someone else.

So far I am lucky that they aren't doing much damage at my house. They just rototill the mulch in the flower beds and haven't damaged any plants. a few minor divots in the yard that are hardly noticeable.

Now if they get in the backyard and into my veggie garden... I will have to get unpleasant. I've told my wife I will buy a little 310 shotgun and fix the problem, but she's a total pacifist and hasn't allowed that yet.

I did run into one of them in my front yard the other night. HUGE... I got about 5 feet from him before he sensed me and shot off (they are as blind as bats).

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If I am able to throw the net over him, I will put a garbage can over him and sit on it until I am able to reach my son or someone by cell phone to finish the deed.

I have rehearsed this in my mind. I have the flashlight ready and a can on each side of the house.

Maybe I should just put bounties on them and have my teenage granddaughter advertise to her friends. Some around here catch them by the tail.

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I have trapped them successfully with the live traps.
First I let the yard or flowerbed dry out as much as possible. I place the trap on the ground with a low fence in front in a funnel shape. I extend the fence out as far as I can. The fence is garden edging about a foot tall. I then water the area within the funnel very well so as to attract the armadillos into it. They will travel along the fence right into the trap. I have used the house foundation as one side of the funnel.

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Been there, done that...armadillos 1, me 0....every way I've tried. Have trapped other animals in my attempts, but not armadillos. I think we have smarter armadillos out here!

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Cayenne peper will give them something to avoid but it might also get your cat or dog. It is the Mace them method. I don't like to do this but I will if they start going crazy at something I love. Right now most things are dead so I have no worries.

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My son told me to walk around the yard very softly and to listen and I would hear the armadillos scratching and "chomping" noisely.
I did that this AM before daybreak. Neither heard nor saw anything. But I am not giving up.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

I have used the cayenne pepper method, but it has to be repeated each time after I water, and that gets more expensive than if I use suplhur. I have no regrets using it as they should not be tearing everthing up.

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It costs abit of money upfront (our second year of use) but we stretch a pet fence across the open back yard where the armadillos come in, have it on a timer that comes on at dark and off by daylight (no problem with the neighbors pets) and it keeps them out of my beds! We had it across the front yard last year but has to be removed when mowing and that is a pain. Has anyone tried those little battery operated motion detectors with the ultra sonic (no noise) repeller that is suppose to scare animals away?

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I know the battery operated sound detectors work for voles and moles. I have been using them for the past 2 years. Not sure if amadillos were listed. I will read the box when I go down tomorrow, and have Linda post if it works for armadillos. I still have 2 unopened boxes. Lowes marks them down 75% in the spring, so I stock up. Barbra

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