Wrinkled Tomatoes?

gardenmommy_2010July 11, 2011

So, I just returned from vacation & one of my Black Prince plants w/ approx 15 tomatoes on it is suffering. Most of its tomatoes have become wrinkly or pruny. It was pretty hot while we were gone (mid to high 90s) and it's on drip. I've done searches for wrinkly tomatoes & haven't found anything helpful. Are they dehydrated & need more water during the heat? Any other suggestions? The plant looks healthy & pest free - just most of the tomatoes are wrinkly as though low on fluids. Thanks!

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Actually, I gave the plant a more thorough check & there's evidence of horn worm damage on one stem, although I can't find the horn worm. I would post pictures of the tomatoes although it wouldn't show up. The wrinkliness is very slight although definate. Thanks for suggestions!

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