Dwarf Patio Peach Trees and Honeysuckle?

mebroske(z8CA)August 4, 2011

I am in Austin in an apartment. My patio has eastern exposure with morning sun. My front has west exposure with afternoon sun, so I can move plants to get the sun for them. Next winter, I might pot a dwarf peach tree or two. I was thinking Southern Rose because it only needs 250 chill hours. Do you think it would be possible to have honeysuckle around the trunks or would the competition for nutrients, etc. make that a bad idea? The mental picture of both together really appeals to me.


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I think you will have trouble unless the two plants are in different pots. It -might- work if you have the honeysuckle in a different pot from the peach or peaches. I've had onions in the pots with a bay tree and a fig tree. Even that was a little iffy as the trees' roots grew to fill their containers.

Trying to visualize here- you mean the pinkish flowered native honeysuckles, and not white japanese honeysuckle, right?

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I'm not sure what kind of honeysuckle would work or if any would. I love the fragrance because I remember it from my childhood. I've never grown it. It might be better in a separate rail planter. Maybe in the spring. It is so hot now. I'm just thinking down the road. I have seen it growing around trees, but not in a container.

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I love honeysuckle, too. Fragrance, nector from the flowers, shoots for flower arrangements. Of course, that's the white, invasive, japanese honeysuckle. :-(

If you come up with something you like, please tell us? It could be very, very pretty.

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