Suggesting new tomato breeds - Unsure how plant breeding works.

tammytomatoJuly 4, 2011

Hi, I haven't been here in a long time, and the season is Summer here now (at least in my zone). I am unsure of how to breed tomatoes, and any plant at all, but I always wanted to see or hear about the outcome of some tomato breeding trials. I would like to suggest three possibly new tomato varieties, with names I have chosen, as well as what tomatoes would be bred. I never succeeded in breeding anything of a plant, so I wish someone could breed the following tomatoes, and give them the names I suggest, if at all possible.

If any of these are not possible, please tell me why (for example, some tomatoes are F1 Hybrids, which I believe cannot be bred "true to their type").

1. Breed the "Brandywine tomato", and a "Red Sausage tomato", and call it "Brandy Sausage".

2. Breed the "Yellow Pear tomato", and the "White Beefsteak tomato", and call it "Lightbulb tomato".

3. Breed "Yellow Pear tomato", and a "Green Sausage tomato", and call it "Ivy Pear tomato".

Thanks in advance, and please show and tell about the outcome if possible. Happy tomato breeding!

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Breed the "Brandywine tomato", and a "Red Sausage tomato", and call it "Brandy Sausage".

Did a cross with Brandywine which produced what I guess would be a similar outcome you imagined. The result doesn't show up in the F1 because the genetics that make the sausage shape are not dominant. It took a few generations to find it and then make stable. It is called "Henry". The flavor is very good. This is an earlier generation of "Henry"

There are ones like you described as "Ivy Pear".
An example would be Wild Boars Farm's 'Michael Pollan' (not an F1).

It is a little harder to get pear shapes without growing large numbers of F1 offspring and/or having a little luck. This is because several genes need to be present to elongate the fruit and to make that pear neck.

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I am crossing Romas with Parks Whoppers and Siberian Tomatoes this summer.... I hope it smells good so i can have an aromawhopper.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

mulio, is Henry a paste? What's the interior like?

I've read about Michael Pollan but never seen photos. Amazing!

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