Antigonon leptopus/Coral Vine question

ruthzAugust 18, 2011

I have 3 new winter sowed pink coral vines that are holding up extremely well in this heat.

They are in a pot and don't seem to wilt even if I don't water for a few days (no flowers yet).

I had one for years that didn't survive our freezing winter.

Two questions.

Will they do good as a container plant?

And does anyone know a nursery that sells the red and white one?

I did find an online source, but would rather not order plants, although I may order seeds for the white and winter sow.

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Not sure where to buy these plants. Most people, like me are looking to get rid of the plant. Its all over my fence line and has taken over everything. beautiful flowers but be care.. keep it in a pot.

Just a suggestion.

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Westview(Zone 8, N. TX)

Because I grew up with this vine I love it. It does not survive winters in our area (I live in Denton.) I have six large pots of it which I bring in the garage in the winter. I have a habit of opening the garage door to let in some light on them and my agaves and ice plant on warmer days. They usually start growing a bit in late winter. I bring them out after last frost and they do very well. If they wilt badly in this heat in their pots, you can always cut them back to about 10 inches. They will need less water and will come back very quickly. I find mine need water every day as when they have a lot of foliage they need a lot of water to keep it going. Mine usually are blooming well long before now, but some of them tried and gave up. Just too hot I guess. Hope they bloom in the fall so I can get some more seeds. Yes, they do fine in big pots if you water them and bring them in in the winter. They are HARD to find in our area, I got mine from a friend and kept saving seeds. My 1999 seeds sprouted just fine this year, so they do last. I soak them before planting like morning glory seeds. Enjoy, They bring back my childhood so I love them.
Betsy in Denton

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westview, how tall do your vines get in a container?
I had a pink coral vine for about 6 years and it would die to the ground in winter, then climb up to the roof and into the oak trees in summer.

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