Leaves in trees already changing their color

chickadee_42us(8a Tx)August 9, 2011

I am noticing the trees are dropping leaves like crazy and when driving to work, occasionally viewing a vista of trees, the color change is already occurring. Of course the colors aren't 'great'!

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And the falling pine needles are already 3 inches deep here in Kilgore.

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Maybe it's the result of extreme stress caused by this extreme drought. Weird. Since I've being watered my lawn, seeds of bluebonnets have sprout and now I have 2-3" tall bluebonnet seedlings. I wonder if they'll bloom.

End of the world!! :D


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Lynn Marie

Speaking of blooms, my Indian Hawthornes didn't bloom this spring but are thinking about blooming now!

I see a lot of trees losing leaves, but it just looks like they are dying to me, not hibernating. Especially the ones in the medians in the cities. I sure hope I'm wrong.

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