Stinky Dogs

TxanGoddessSeptember 19, 2013

nevermind, responded in conversations

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nm see above

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Txn, I couldn't wait to open this thread to find out why stinky dogs is a hot topic. Now I am even more intrigued to know why you posted the thread in the first place. And then I discover that it wasn't meant for this forum at all.

It's been a tough day and I was just looking for a little lightness. Thanks for the smile you gave me.

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Let me say first, I am a dog lover. Labrador Retrievers are, in my experience, the most stinky dogs. I've never petted one without wanting to wash my hands. My brother had a Cocker Spaniel. She had really foul breath. Lovely dog, but keep your distance. Also had a bad habit of rubbing herself in excrement and decayed animal detritus. Never knew if you wanted her back inside.

We have a couple of Australian Shepherds. They are sweet smelling, for the most part, although they do get skunked. The worst that happened, a long time ago, our big male rubbed himself all over a dead seal on the beach. We brought him home in the bed of the pickup and bathed him repeatedly in the outdoor shower with plenty of suds.

He has never shown any proclivity to rubbing himself in dead stuff again. Didn't like ride or the shower.

I'm sure I'm offending a whole lot of people. Also understand that the original post went right over my head, but why not have some fun ( or not )

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"Stinky dogs" also applies to feet. DH had a roommate once whose feet could make my eyes water. Very clean guy, too. I think maybe some people have sweet feet, and some just don't.

I think this post is close enough to on-topic, and it's a relief. No tension here.

Felt good. Thanks, all.

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The discussion moved to the "other side"... this is just a cross post... if anyone is interested.

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