Does anyone grow carambola (starfruit) in the Houston area?

julia42(9a)August 2, 2011

I know I've seen references (on Gardenweb) in the past to carambola trees in the Houston area. I'm wondering if anyone here has had success growing these trees in ground and protecting them from our more recent freezes.

I remember in particular somebody mentioning one growing and fruiting in a parking lot near work (I imagine that one got little freeze protection). Many articles I read say mature trees can sustain temps down to 26 - 27 degrees with little damage which strikes me as not much different from many citrus trees (navel oranges and lemons) which I see growing happily in my area (I'm on the south side of the city).

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I have starfruit in ground since last 2 winters. It was 7ft tall and loaded with fruits before freeze hit us in winter which pruned it to 2 ft. Now it is back to 6ft and growing nicely.

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That sounds promising. What kind of protection did it receive from the freezes? Is it planted in a sheltered area? How cold did it get in your area? Are you growing a seedling or is it a grafted cultivar?

Thanks so much!

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It is grafted plant that I got from JRN. I protected it with freeze cloth and 1 90w bulb . I am in NW Houston and it got to around 18 degrees here.

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