Applying 7 dust

dfred(8)August 13, 2008

What is the best way of applying 7 dust?

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

Sevin pesticide? If so, that's the most toxic pesticide you can buy off the shelf... It wipes out everything including beneficial ones too esp earthworms that Sevin is known to kill over 90% of earthworm population.....

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

DFred, I know you probably didn't know how toxic it is when you bought it. I sure didn't and used it on everything including the dog!

It is also very lethal for honeybees. If they visit plants where it has been applied they unwittingly take it back to the hive and it kills the baby bees decimating the hive. I'm surprised they still sell it. Special interest groups are keeping keeping it on the shelf I guess.

Tell us what pest on what plants you are needing it for and someone here can give you a more eco friendly solution.

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I recently put in a 15x45 garden.... I had squash a plants and zuccini that were so beautful and were even producing sqash. I had pampered them just like i've read on here to do,.. even polinating them with q-tips. Cantalope plants that were stretching everywhere on the fence! Watermelons stretching all over the ground! I've come home from vacation and aphids have decided to make a buffet of my plants! I don't see any ladybugs out there making a buffet of them so I'm ready to commit genicide on some aphids!!! What do I do?!

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Soapy water and hard blasts of water work pretty good on aphids.

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PKponder TX(7b)

Yep, aphids move so slowly that if you spray them off with water they will not be able to get back to your plants in their short lifetime.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

If they are like the large colony of aphids that attacked my cucumbers and appeared overnight, I am uncertain whether they can be saved or not. I am still using the oil soap and soda apray on them, but so far, it has not destroyed them --- just slowed them down a bit perhaps. This is my first experience with aphids on vegetables, so I know of nothing else to recommend to you. It is pretty disheartening to have such beautiful vines destroyed by such a tiny bug.

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Dont' use the poison dude. I've had good luck with Neem. Not sure how it does on aphids.

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I had a huge attack of aphids at the shop on my desert willow and I don't have a hose there so I sprayed them with soapy water for a couple of days and didn't faze them then used the garden safer stuff the last two days and they look like more are there than before. Wow, I didn't know they could so totally cover a poor plant. These are not like the ones I have had before at my house. I didn't think much of it before. I sure wish I had a way to hook up a hose there and blast them into the next county, lol. I hope they don't kill my tree.

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suze9(z8b Bastrop Co., TX)

Sevin/carbaryl does little or no good at killing some of the smaller sucking insects (like aphids, mites, and whiteflies). It can also have the effect of killing off insects that might otherwise prey on them. I concur with suggestions others have made to try a soap spray or neem instead. Both will kill aphids, but twice weekly sprays might be in order until you get the population under control. After that, once weekly -- or monitor the plants. Why 2x weekly at first? Many of these smaller sucking insects are on a 3-4 day hatching cycle.

I'd also add an application caution - do not spray neem or soap sprays when temps are in high 90's and/or in intense, direct sun because they can potentially cook your plants. Best time to do it is early morning, or early evening. It is also particularly important to get the undersides of leaves as this is where they mostly hang out and lay their eggs.

Side note - if you ever use sevin again for whatever reason, try to use the liquid and not the dust, as bees are more likely to get the dust all over them and take it back to the hive (thus potentially wiping out the entire hive) before they die.

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will this be harmful to my dog?

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