plants for sale..

patty_cakesAugust 16, 2012

Found this on the Austin craigslist(farm & Garden), and thought someone might be interested.

Date: 2012-08-16, 2:42PM CDT

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red spiderlillies $1

white spiderlillies $2

peruvian lillies $2

blue iris 2 for $5

yellow iris 2 for $5

white iris 2 for $5

purple iris 2 for $5

maroon iris 2 for $5

pink iris 2 for $5

yellow daylillies 2 for $5

red daylillies 2 for $5

orange daylillies 2 for $5

maroon daylillies 2 for $5

pink pineapple lillies $5

purple pineapple lillies $5

green pineapple lillies $5

red leaf pineapple lillies $5

elephant ears $5

pink crinums lg $5

red crinums lg $5

white crinums lg $5

stripped crinums lg $5

purple crinums lg $5

lg white beladonnas $5

lg red beladonnas $5

lg pink beladonnas $5

lg purple beladonnas $5

lg stripped beladonnas $5

purple foxtailillies $5

purple apaganthus $5

blue apaganthus $5

red fairylillies $1

yellow fairylillies $1

white fairylillies $1

pink fairylillies $1

double yellow daffodils sale .75 cent lg

double pink daffodils .75 cent pink lg

double orange daffodils .75 cent white lg

double orange daffodils .75 cent orange lg

red oxblood lillies $1

red leaf cannas $5

pink cannas $5

cleopatra cannas $5

variegated cannas $5

orange cannas $5

red cannas $5

bi color cannas $5

tri color cannas $5

yellow cannas $5

watermellon cannas $5

70 colors of amaryllis $5 each every colors avail, red, pink, white, lime, orange, salmon, lavender, lime


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it`s on Houston craiglist too, I think it might be Noreen out in Cleveland. She has awesome stuff!
Tally HO!

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