Leaves yellowing on all my plants!

luvpatch2August 6, 2011

Hi! 50% of my plants in my yard have yellowing leaves starting at the bottom of the plant slowing moving upward. I do see some whiteflies around some of the plants but not all of them. When I inspect the undersides of the leaves with a magnifying glass I do see some very very tiny white specks .Are these larvae of whiteflies. You can't see them without the magnifying glass.What can I use to spray that won't harm the plants in this horrible hot summer we are having? I've been afraid to spray anything for fear of the plant dying with all the heat.Any suggestions would be great! The leaves are all yellowing on my plumeria's, some of my hibiscus which are all in pots.I have and Indian Carnation, Lo and Behold Blue Chip and my blue butterfly clerodendrum which seem to be affected the most. Thanks so much!

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Hard to say. But one safe and sometimes suprisingly effective approach is a strong stream of water to wash away the apparent pests. Whiteflies can transmit viruses, including leaf curl viruses, for which there is nothing you can do. Whitefly eggs are very tiny. Larvae are easily visible.

Hibiscus, for one, replaces leaves by the old leaves at the bottom browning and dropping, but it shouldn't run to the top. But that can also be many other things, over moisture at the roots, excess heat, etc.

If it was me, I'd watch the watering carefully and wash the leaves and see what happened. Hopefully, someone else has something more useful to say.

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Not sure if this might be what you're seeing or not but have a look here.

My plumies are not doing this, some of the leaves are getting really burned though. Since they're in pots I'm going to move them to more shade until this heat wave ends.

I agree with Roselee, blasts of water do help.

Here is a link that might be useful: When Geranium Leaves Turn White

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