I Threw Out My Tomatoes !

DeebyJuly 14, 2014

Welp, everyone who hates Yellow Pear-you were right. Talk about gross. Little flavor if any, and a weird firm but mushy texture. This really surprised me because when I first tried them years ago I liked them.
The other throw away was Patio tomato. Even I who likes tangy couldn't get past the pucker on those. And the skins were tough yet thin and they stuck to my teeth.
I ENJOYED hauling them to the trash and heaving them in. Never again !

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Glad it gave you pleasure to chuck them in the garbage. However, I would have chucked them in a bag in the freezer and used them in my stews. I hate to toss food, especially when I have put a lot of effort into growing it.


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I would have picked them totally green and added them to my Green Tomato and Green Peppers Relish. It's a sweet relish that goes well with hot dogs, beans, anywhere you use chow chow, and some places to be determined. You can add hot peppers to give it some heat and the pickling spices don't care if you use good or bad tasting tomatoes because it flavors everything.

I agree with Linda. Waste not - Want not !!!

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I don't cook. I'd be scared to death to can. I don't eat meat so no stews. There weren't many tomatoes. It did cross my mind to give them away but how could someone transport those huge bushes? They were in bags. Well, I have my Red Robins which I love and can always count on.

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