Anybody care to share tomato counts on their plants?

naturemitch(3/4 WI)August 26, 2012


I was wondering how many of you keep track of the number of tomatoes each plant produces for you? I am guessing many of you do. I just got done counting fruit on the plants we have and was curious how many of you might share your numbers. I am happy with some of my counts, but have no comparison to what others are seeing. For instance, when I counted 8 fruit on our German Giant, I wonder how others in the south or north are doing with this plant? Course, I hope we get all 8 fruit to ripen, but thats another story:) Here is some of what we have:(p.s. I certainly made no attempt at counting our cherry tomatoes!)

Orange Russian 117--6 fruit

German Giant--8

Costoluto Fiorentino--+50

Dagma's Perfection--14

Paul Robeson--14


Anna Russian--35

Hungarian Heart--11



Red Rocket--+20

Some extra notes. The German Giants are HUGH, the Orange Russian 117 are not so huge, the Hungarian Hearts are very nice in size, and the Anna Russians and Fiorentino's have very nice table size fruit. I hope the Fiorentino's taste as good as they produce....very happy with this plant! Oh yeah, am happy with the size and look of the Royestas and the Paul Robesons.

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Yesterday I did count how many green tomatoes I have on a Burpee supersteak. I believe there was 26 (tiny to large). We had a bad summer for fruit set with the heat and humidity. So I am glad it is finally starting to produce. I picked only 3 ripe tomatoes off this plant so far.

I do grow some heirlooms, but have not counted them. It looks like I may get more pink brandywines and carbons with the cooler weather. Finally! With a total of 10 plants, we are able to keep up this year. Normally I'd expected to have too many tomatoes with 5 or 6 plants.

Living in WI must be treating you right!

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Funny you should ask that. I'm keeping track of my two Gold Medal plants. Right now one has five huge tomatoes, and I mean huge with about eight to ten smaller ones and a bunch starting. The other one has about four or five biggies, and another eight growing, again with more forming. My dilemma is to top off or not at this point.
On my Japanese Black Trifele, I will have at least thirty or more, not counting a few earlier that had BER.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

Yeah, also funny you should ask. I started a thread on another forum about the possibility of 1000 tomatoes from a single plant. My Black Cherry (photo) is on the way to 1000. I'm about 500 to this point with no signs of stopping. Picked 100 last time and it didn't even dent it. I'v also had over 20, 1 pound+ from my Brandywine Sudduth's.

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I obsessively track how many I pick from each plant., and the weight too. So I don't track the ones that don't end up being good for eating.

I have had more than 1000 tomatoes from a cherry tomato plant (sungold), but only once.

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naturemitch(3/4 WI)

I topped our plants off (albeit weakly:) about 1-2 weeks ago. I am hoping we don't see frost until after Sept., but honestly that is very wishful thinking. We had a couple of nights in the high 30's already. We got our plants in somewhat late this year, it was certainly into June. It is not our norm to be putting them in so late, but I think the lack of cooler nights when they did get set in has been quite beneficial to them. I remember saying, 'I hope to at least get one ripe fruit off of a couple of varieties just so we can know if we want to grow them again next year'. So, for me counting the green fruit gives me hope for next year:) The way it looks anyways, our fruit is really starting to kick in and ripen as we we should be in good shape.

Just picked our first Galina's and pretty close to picking our first Dagma's Perfection:)

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mariev_seattle(PNW Z8 Sunset Z5)

I'm in Seattle, where our yields are generally lower because of our shorter season and cooler growing conditions. I've been harvesting cherry tomatoes and the smaller salad varieties (e.g. Kimberley, Jaune Flammee, and Black and Red Boar) in the last week. Of the larger varieties, Cherokee Purple is the only one that has started breaking color. The rest are currently 2.5-4" in size, and I'm hoping they'll start breaking in a week or two. However, the smaller 1" fruit may not ripen before our season ends in late September. I do a weekly count of the number of fruit larger than 1 cm on each plant. Here are the current counts for my in-ground tomato plants, including fruit harvested:

Cherokee Purple: 15
Indian Stripe: 16
Vorlon: 25
Spudakee (1st plant): 29
Spudakee (2nd plant): 16
Paul Robeson: 19
New Big Dwarf (1st plant): 33
New Big Dwarf (2nd plant): 12
Jaune Flammee: 27
Kimberley (1st plant): 23
Kimberley (2nd plant): 44
Orange Russian 117: 3
Black and Red Boar: 15
Porkchop: 7
Gogosha: 6
White Queen: 10

For the cherry tomatoes, the two Sun Gold plants have produced 200+ tomatoes each, the Isis Candy has produced 100+, and the two Blush plants have produced 50+ each so far.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

Yesterdays 120+ haul from our Black Cherry. Pretty sure we're over 500. Fruit quality is still very good.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

I have counting the disease also, but I don't keep track of totals for the year. I count steps on stairs, every bean, pea, tomato, and so on. It's annoying to me! LOL

Yesterday I picked 163 sweet 100's off of 2 plants, 17 early girls,1 plant, 2 black sea man,1 plant, and 23 marions off of 3 plants.

Then I picked 116 Hercules pea pods, thank goodness I only count how many peas are in a pod instead of total! It was 4 quarts though.

Another funny thing about this disease is I can remember how many I picked of each yesterday, but I can't remember what I ate for supper last night! LOL

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Oh gosh, I have no idea how you guys can count up your fruits from each plant and keep track. I have no idea how many I get from each plant!

I do know the tomatoes have really slowed down production just lately. But there are still plenty of green ones, just not ripening as quickly.

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naturemitch(3/4 WI)

Our tomatoes have finally started to kick in with ripening:) When I drove in today, I saw quite a few red areas in the green sea....and I knew then we would be harvesting most if not all of the green fruit on the plants.!! I checked our forecast for the next week and we have daytime temps. in the 80's and nighttime temps. in the 50's....yippee!! We just need to hang on for a few more weeks and we should have our nice crop in the kitchen.

Nice haul of black cherries!! The black cherries we have this year have been somewhat stingy with fruit...we saw them setting fruit very late compared to all our other varieties. Very envious of those numbers.

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naturemitch(3/4 WI)

By the are the tomato plants and the system we use.

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texasjohn(8 TX)

this is my harvest per plant for this year:
Sunmaster--47ea--15lb 15oz
Carolina Gold--46ea--20lb 14oz
Corona---66ea--32lb 2oz
Bush Goliath--31ea--7lb 7oz
Delicious---50ea---21lb 3oz
Homestead---33ea--9lb 15oz
Super Boy 785---104ea--18lb 4oz
Better Boy---33ea--15lb
Jet Star---54ea--19lb 12oz
Rose de Beme---9ea--1lb 13oz
Manalucie---47ea---13lb 14oz
Box Car Willie---14ea---6lb 4oz
Better Bush---50ea---21lb 2oz
Giant Belgium---7ea---5lb
Mt Gold---30ea---13lb 10oz
Cherokee Purple---23ea--14lb 3oz
Bradley---41ea---12lb 10oz
Eve Purple Ball---46ea--12lb 10oz
Kellogg's Breakfast---15ea--13lb 3oz
Thessaloniki---23ea--7lb 15oz
Porterhouse---39ea--17lb 15oz

Most I will not grow out next year; some because
of yield and some for taste. Most of all, I have
some other varieties to plant.

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320 total from 4 Roma tomato plants before I pulled them out.

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Let's see:

German Queen - 1 (would be 2, but the plant's 99% dead and the second isn't even as big as my pinky nail - and the one I have never ripened)

Mr. Stripey - 0 :(

Pathetic, huh? :P

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naturemitch(3/4 WI)


Just found out from our friend...he got zero tomatoes! Not sure exactly what happened, knowing him it could have been neglect or overfeeding!! What'cha gonna do:)

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Every year I swear that I'll do a really good job of keeping track of tomatoes by variety / plant, and I usually do a good job in the beginning, but when they start coming in by the bucket I have a big enough job just keep the plants picked and finding suitable places to put all the fruit.

That said, now that things are starting to cool-off / wind down production-wise, I did finally manage to do an accurate count on a recent picking of Big Beef.

I picked 52 tomatoes from two plants pretty evenly distributed between the two... So figure 26 tomatoes per plant, but this was ONE HARVEST - I thought that was crazy. I mean, I've been picking tomatoes off of this plant since late June / early July. If I had to guestimate, I'd say they'll have to end up at about 75 fruits per plant, and, honestly, that's probably being conservative. Also, there's still probably 1-2 dozen left out there that should ripen before frost.

This year I'm resolving to finally get organized about production numbers. Even though I'm far from a commercial farmer, it's good data to have for reference when planning things out for next year.

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As I have finally pulled the last tomato of the season, here is my count, sorted by size:

Sun Gold - 197*
Sun Sugar - 567
Black Cherry - 108**

Green Zebra - 24*
Bloody Butcher - 96
Black Prince - 133
Taxi - 53

Big Beef - 23*
Rugters - 22*
Rutgers (Det) - 41
Rutgers (Ind) - 43
Black Krim - 19*
Jet Star - 15**
Lemon Boy - 44

Black Sea Man - 29
Kelloggs Breakfast - 37
Cherokee Purple - 40
Brandywine Suduth - 38
Brandy Boy - 52
Pineapple - 35

* These were all container grown plants whereas the rest were grown in ground. While not always comparable because the varieties are different, it is interesting to note that the production of container grown was a fraction of those grown in ground.

** These were mid-season replacements which I grew when the determinates (black sea man & taxi) quit producing. Had I put them in the ground earlier, I suspect they would have done just as well as most of the other varieties. However, they didnt get into the ground until it was hot (affecting fruit set), and didnt have a full season before cold weather set in.

Overall, I was very happy with production. Also, the numbers above are only for tomatoes that ripened and were edible. I picked a few dozen green for fried green tomatoes, and I probably lost about 10-15% of my crop to weather (splitting after heavy rain), neglect (rotting on the vine), or squirrels.

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