Splitting, make it stop!

nhardy(5b)August 1, 2010

Okay, the El Nino season may have ended. But as always we get more rain after the El Nino season. I have tried two new tomato vatieties, Jetsetter and Ball's Beefsteak to go with my old standby, Jetstar. I have picked too many tomatoes this week that have split open. The Jetstar tomatoes had very few splits compared to the two newbies. We need to have a little more heat to help ripen the tomatoes evenly.

Are any of you have this problem of too much rain and too many split tomatoes??

PS, a red tail hawk visited me yesterday and got one our squirrels! I hope he will come back for a few more.

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I'm having this problem on my Amish Paste tomatoes only. I have Roma, Health Kick, Amish Paste and Opalka plants, all producing well, but the AP's are cracking bad. Out of 5 fruit I pick, 2 or 3 are cracked so bad the fruits end up on the compost pile.

It was pretty rainy during April and May here in GA, but since June it's been dry and I've had to hand water once a week more often than not. I only water an inch once a week, and let the ground dry out completely between waterings. I have the plants mulched with straw.

It's annoying, and if the fruits coming on now are cracking, I'm not going to do AP again. I didn't have this problem last year, and it rained more than it has this year!!

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Then pick the fruit at the blush stage (as is often discussed here) instead of leaving it on the vine and you won't have splitting problems. ;) It really is that simple.


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The Jetsetter tomatoes that I did picked early and brought in did not ripe very fast and evenly and that is why I left them on the vine. They were red & yellow when I picked them. I have been cutting off the tops because they still had yellow shoulders, but the blosson end is totally ripe, almost over ripe. They had a white woody core too. I can not win for losing then. Leave them out & they split in the rain or bring them in & they ripe so unevenly through half away. But I did make tomato sauce with a couple of pounds of split tomatoes that I cleaned up.

So I will not replant Jetsetter next year. It has a thicker skin compared to Jetstar. And the flavor was not as good as the Ball's beefsteak.

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