unknown tomatoes! need identifying

hgdsAugust 16, 2014

Hi there, I am new to growing tomatoes and this year grew some without knowing what variety they were, and I threw away the information. Wondering if anyone has any ideas? Inside is a darker red which I have a picture of. Outside is softer and inside is a bit mushy. Very sweet. Any ideas and they are safe to eat right? Lol


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Picture of inside

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They are definitely tomatoes and safe to eat.

They look like black tomatoes to me. There are many different varieties, so It's impossible to tell which one they are, but perhaps others can give you some ideas of black tomato varieties which have green shoulders. If you really want to know, you should ask your source of seed or plants.



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Thanks. Anyone have ideas? Source of plant wouldn't know because it was a supermarket

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

If even a so called black variety there are several hundreds that are known and just estimating here, or suggesting, that over half of them have green shoulders.

Once fruits have lost their label or identity there'sa absolutely no way to ID them; they are orphans..

I'd suggest asking at the supermarket, but that isnt going to work since what they offer, almost always, are mixed fruits, and the same can happen at Farmer's markets as well, although with Farmer's Markets it's often easier to ID something if the person AT the market is the onewho grew the tomatoes offered.


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PupillaCharites(FL 9a)

Orphans again ;-(

OP, by throwing away the information, do you mean packages of seeds? If so, you can check and see if their limited selection of seeds at the supermarket survived and go through what's left and see if anything seems to make sense/match.

Since it doesn't appear to be a standard store seed hybrid like Early Girl, they may have had a very limited selection of heirloom and newer colorful additions.

If you know, or can find out the seed company, there is a vanishingly small chance that someone in purchasing or at the seed company know what varieties were shipped, if the display is no longer there. If the selection was big and/or nobody knows anything, enjoy the tomatoes, because you sure did a great job growing them!

If I had to think of a name, I would imagine what you grew is a cross between the Costoluto heirloom from Italy and some US variety like Brandywine, but that has a green shoulder, and I would feel better labeling it that way, although it might be wrong, it could be one of many guesses.

Another problem is many of the supermarkets are starting to get seeds that are crosses of older heirlooms, so it might just be a limited offering that has no prior history whatsoever with the regular set of commercial varieties.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

My opinion is that, if you really like it, the name does not matter. Save seeds and continue growing it. Chances are that one day you will identify it.

Last Fall I bought a heirloom tomato from store. I put a picture of it on this forum. But nobody could ID it, (mostly because my picture was not of good quality). But I saved seeds from it. A week ago I finally positively identified it (Ananas Noire). It is now one of my favorite black/brow tomatoes. Even if had I not identified it, I was going to keep growing it next season no matter what.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

On Aug 17th the orginal poster said it was a plant bought at the supermarket.

I had thought fruits at first, but indeed I would go back to the Supermarket since plants that are bought have a label and a source.such as Bonnie plants or Chef Jeff's,to name two common ones around. Also the possibility of local suppliers

Someone there should have an invoice listing what specific varieties were delivered as plants.

I'm not anti-orphan but there are many who list varieties s in the SSE Yearbooks, trade seeds, make seed offers, etc, who must know the names of the varieties they work with.

If just for home use it really doesn't matter, unless, as the original poster asked what could the variety be? ( Smile)


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