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johnny_tomato_seedAugust 1, 2011

Well, looks like this newbie made some more mistakes.

1) I mixed in lots of compose with soil in last minute in April, didn't make sure it the area was thoroughly moist before planting. So the watering method (1 1/2 gallon per plant) I used last year wasn't enough because area soaked up everything. Half the plants are stunt, Roots probably shocked so they just sit there, not really growing. I was looking for signs such curling downward when they were thristy. I mean never saw any signs. Any good tricks to get them to grow.

Well, next year planting will start this autumn for sure.

Mistake and things learned this year.

1) Didn't prepare the area in fall.

2) Didn't make sure I have a nice mount that won't "deflate" so roots warm up faster.

3) Didn't keep those WOW there as long as possible, until I have a hard time removing them without breaking branches. I was worried it might have been too humid this year so I removed them early.

4) Learned inch of rain is much more than gallon of water.

Time to read the, "If you can teach a newbie one thing again" :-(.

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