Top ten Mhit Romney -isms

heri_clesSeptember 20, 2012

This came to mind when I heard Romney supporters yelling "Mhit, Mhit. Mhitt, Mhit" and it just sounded like something else I heard someone sa when they were angry about something.

Anyway, here is a top ten list that was motivated by the over use of Willard M. Romney's middle name by some of his ardent supporters,,,,the ones that refer to Democratic leaders as "Democrat" leaders and use other names like Nobama, etc.

We can be funny as well so here is that list of Mhit-isms.


That's just complete Mhit.

Holy Mhit.

Mhit happens.

Don't talk Mhit to me.

The Mhit has hit the fan.

Don't create a Mhit storm over this.

There is a lot of that kind of Mhit on the Internet.

I think you have been smoking too much of the Mhit.

I am not going to put up with that Mhit any more.

I am sooo tired of your Mhit.

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I'm just so tired of Mitt... plain and simple.

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No Mhit!
A load of Mhit
In deep Mhit
Mhitting bricks
Mhit for brains
Scared Mhitless

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Thank you duluth.

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I use to think the "democrat" stuff was ignorance. Now I know it's malice and ignorance.


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What did he spray on his face the other day "light Egyptian" theatrical makeup? Kind of cynical gesture!

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Whatever it is, it looks comical and disgusting. I could never be sprayed with a chemical to darken my skin, with the sole intent to appeal to my audience of the day. Blech!

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Mitt Romney 2012
My Mhit Don't Stink

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